Wednesday, September 22, 2010

True face of Rajesh solanki unveiled

A professional swindler and cheat, Rajesh solanki leveled false allegations against the Ashram through the media in complicacy to a conspiracy. In the enquiry, which lasted for 2 days under the justice shri D.K. Trivedi inquiry commission, everything became crystal clear..

With the greed for money and desire of fame,. Rajesh fabricated and uttered such stories which had snot even an iota of truth. He said in the media, I was also close to ashram, I lived in the ashram form the year 1991 to 1997. I was Bapuji person attendant. I used to write his diary used to his personal works. I also use to travel to other states along with Bapuji and I was a witness to everything. Saying this he leveled false allegations of trimetric rites playacted in the asharam and other.

Rajesh a glib taker, telling lies in front of the video camera, when has to face the judge then he himself disclosed the truth. Rajesh admitted I have never lived in any ashram of Bapuji not a single day have I served in any ashram. What is tantri rite? I don’t know anything about it I have not seen any victim of any taintic rites?

After this Rajesh and fabricated another false story in the electronic media my wife Bakula has been detained in the sutra Ashram she has left my home in March 2008.bakula has achieved a god medal in Sanskrit in Graduation. Balula’s maternal anuty jashoda has been doing the work of sealing flowers outside the sutra ashram for fifteen years. Bakula also used to vast the ashram often along with her. Tactic gualb Lallubhai chuan side to me . Yu better forget you wife forever. With the help of your taintic rites have been practiced on tow children in headband.

When Rajesh was interrogated over the above mentioned issue he admitted; I have never oven to Bapuji surat asharam along with my wife nor has my wife visited she ashram alone. My wife Bakula has abandoned me. After that I have not searched for her in any of the ashrams of Bapuji. Not have I know this form any one that Bakula is living in Bapuji ashram . This also true that I have not seen Bakula aunty jashoda selling flowers outside the surat Ashram. I have till today never seen the certificate of Bakula a achieving a god medal in Sanskrit. In have no knowledge of the incident of ahead children.

In the matter of robbing la woman of Rs. 70,000 he admitted, a complaint as lodged against me and my friend Mahendra in the police. The court sentenced us the tow years imprisonment and I stayed in jail there after.

In the other two case of cheating of Rs. 13, 000 and 15, 000, Rajesh admitted it is true that in both case when complaint was taken on reamed by the police. After police inquiry the charge sheet has also been introduced against me..

Rajesh admitted my wife made a complaint against me in the police of mental harassment. For this I was taken into police custody where in stayed for 115 days in Navarre jail. Recently I was relapsed on bail.’

The videos C.D. on the interview given by Rajesh to the media was shown before the judge in which Rajesh sitting with the deceitful amrita parapet is saying fabricated irrelevant things about the holy innocent sant pujya Bapuji. About this Rajesh said whatever has been side by me in this interview against Bapuji I have not said any such thing in my statement . The media has tampered the video CD of my statement. Why was such a false interview taken? I want to hold an inquiry regarding this with these remarks this. With these remarks Rajesh crafty nature has become public an he has become an element of ridicule .

Rajesh had even solemnized marriage with Bakula by deity only. In one and a half day long inquiry Bakula said Before marriage Rajesh said to me and my family members that he words as deputy collector in ‘Dahod ,.What I reaches din law house I saw that he never went on job. He used to tell lies and when ever I tired to know the truth he world never given the true he world never give the answer.

Rajesh was suspicious and quarrelsome by nature he used to beat me every day in front of my in laws an used abusive language. Hence after leaving Rajesh I live at my maternal aunt place and work in a plastic factory I am not a gold medalist . I know not a single shloka of Sanskrit and love never read mantra of mesmerism. What is taintic vide? I have no knowledge about it. Nobody has ever detained me in any ashram. Not have I stayed in any ashram ever. I have not seen pujya Bapuji ashram in surat or any where else till this day. I have no contact with these ashram. Rajesh has given false statements against me ashram and Bapuji in the have lost ruts in him.

During interrogation jashoda said I have never done the work of selling flowers outside the surat ashram.
Gualb Lallubhai chuan old during the equity; I have never lived in any of pujya Bapuji ashrams . I don’t know any thing about taintic vide. I live at home with my family and to my job. Rajesh solanki has given false statement about me and ashram in the media.

Pointing towards rajesh solanki Bakula said ( when he was present there) to the judge sir he is a cheater.’

The truth of the cheat Rajesh solanki misleading society at last came to light. Now he is unworthy of even showing his face.
A liar is disgraced truth triumphs .
Similarly raju chador deceit, craftiness and the drama of being shot and also the false dramatics statements of being shot is now known by the police and the people. These puppets of the prime conspirators are now by the police and the society.

About such a world revered Great man who spread the fragrance of India glary in the entire world the false irrelevant talks spiced up by the great swindlers Rajesh solanki amru vadiay and Raju chankda was propagated published, widely casted with so much propaganda . Is this not an extreme injustice to the India public?

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