Thursday, September 9, 2010

What I got here was not found elsewhere

My name is James, W. Higgins and I am form Nottingham U.K in February 2007 while vesting the Ardha Kumbha mela in Allahabad, I had the blessed fortune of stabling into the holy presence of saint sir asaramji Bapu. This was the first Satsnag programs. There was a huge cored in the Satsnag so I managed to find a seat at the beck. I could not see who was speaking. Although I could not understand any of the Satsang because I didn’t know Hindi I never though about leaving since I was enjoying the blissful experience of Pease too much.
Next day Agisn I went to the Satsang This time I got the change to sit at the front This was a very blessed day for me. Merely by the company of pujya Bapuji. I got to know the importance of Guru Tattva. Soon after I returned to U.K but after only three months I become restless and felt like I had to retune to India to find more about the saint (Bapuji) I had taken mantra diksha form.
I returned to India. At that time Bapuji was in Hardiest and for the whole month he was there I attended satsang without fail every day. Still I did not understand any of the satsang but the income, parable love and bliss I felt flowing form Bapuji held me sitting in Satsnag both morning and evening. He was leaving
Hardware when he called me to the vyas peeth and bestowed on me the great blessing of shaktipaat. That instant only my eyes were file with tears and I fell prostrate at his feet. My experience was such that cannot be described in words.

Since that day I have been devoted Bapuji. I often keep coming to the ashram as and when I get time I have received many great blessings in the short time I have been with him, I was born in a very wealthy family with my parent s owing much land and property running into million so ponds and I have traveled extensively vesting many counters but the divine company of Pujya Bapuji I have not been able to find any where in the world. No amount of wealth can buy the bliss which a Brahamjanimi saint bestows. My mother has also taken mantra diksha and she too has great faint in Bapuji. She regularly come to India, about twice a year to pay her respects to Guru e and attend his blissful satsang.

India is truly blessed to have such Brahmajnana saints sir asaramji Bapu and when many other culture have risen an gone it is thanks to the seat that the eternal Santana Dharma is still standing. For me the Hindu culture is the greatest culture in the world and I feel extremely fortunate to have got mantra diksha form Bapuji and also the opportunity to live in his company. The india people are blessed indeed to have this culture at its heart and long may it remain. Bhart Mata ki jay! Satgurudev ki jay!
-Mr. James w. Higgins 27, Church street, South wells,
NG25, OHQ, U.K.

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