Sunday, September 12, 2010

Satsnag News

(Rishi Prasad Correspondent)
After a spell of reclusion at Hardware from 28th June to 1st pujyashree proceeded to hibachi Pradesh. The ambrosial satsang. The ambrosial satsang Ganga Swept thought Dharmashala on 2nd and 3rd July. Devotees flocked in great number to bathe them selves in the Ganga of self knowledge flowing form pujyashree lips. Beholding their deep unwavering faith in spirituality and in saints, Pujya Bapuji poured his heart out testifying to the truth to Tulsisaiji’s couplet, A saint heart is like butter. The Hibachi devotees were blessed to gives to the readers little bit of the benefit (that the people got by being actually present there) by reading reflecting and putting into practice an excerpt form the satsang is being given here.
The supreme god man can do to himself by communing with the lord is not possible for anybody to do he it gods or demons. Such great is the potential possessed by Only a hundred thousandth path of a man amities developed when he come to counted amongst the intellectuals. And to what use man outs his intelligence? For poring luxury lot the body that must die sooner rather than later. The human life is not meanest for indulgence in comforts it is given to use for unification with god while making use of both convenience and inconvenience.’ Satsnag was held at Ludhiana form 4th (evening) to 6th July (morning). While giving the key to save one self form sorrows an obtain joy Bapuji said on how does selfless service cannot ever be said . One the other hand one who is found of the world and takes seav form other can near be happy . He will remain distress who want to obtain acclaim in the world but the one who gives credit to the world and himself remains devoid of any pride while reposing the lord doesn’t become sad. There is sorrow where is conceitedness. There alone is anxiety , Grief and worry cannot stay there where there is selflessness and mediation.
Satsang was held at Khanna on 6th July (afternoon) and at Chadndiagarh on of turning goes face towards god an giving up the habit of expressionless suffering in front of just anyone, said Don’t tell about your agony to just anyone. If you have any trouble then tell that to Thakuriji the or maharaja I am like this my mind is not stable I ma lascivious and quick tempered. Thakuriji won’t be happy I you say that I am lascivious lust is in my mind disease has attacked my mind disease has attacked my body in me reside only you my lord we cannot even utter a without your power. O lord Become repose while going on repeating the prayer. Whatever you want to get or however you want to become repose while going on repeating the prayer. Whatever you want to get however you want to become it you prayer. White you want you get or however you want to become I you pary anytime of the day for nine times with a view to fulfill that particular wish then such prayer definitely reaches the lord abiding with in if not prayer then at lest do last to this mush lord Help to maintain equanimity during joys and sorrows. May I be blessed with divine love for you that all . All other wishes will some under this only. Nothing else will required to be beseeched.

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