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Why are we unhappy?

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji Satsang)
People say I am unhappy. I am suffering. But Vedanta asks. What is the weight of sorrow? Does the sorrow weigh 50gm 200gm, 500 gm or 1 kg? Has any one measured the mass of sorrow? What is the colour of sorrow? What is the form of unhappiness What is the force of sorrow? It has no force of its own. No body has been sorrow having any mass colour form or power. God has no sorrow to give to us. We don’t wan unhappiness. Still we are suffering. God has not created sorrow nor has nature done so. Does the mother create sorrow for her child/ No why then do children become unhappy? It is due to lack of understanding. Going to school is for the benefit of children it they are unhappy being sent to school only due to lack of good sense. Bathing is good for health soap washes the dirt away but children cry when mother bathes them. Unhappiness has no mass colour form or force other then lack of good sense.

There are tow types of creation one is the creation of God. There is no sorrow in it. The other is our (mental) creation. We create it due to our foolishness . Diamonds pearls rubes jar recreated by god. But one becomes unhappy thinking. He has diamonds pearls and rubies I don’t have. But the one who has them will also die leaving the gems and jewels being. If you will have the you too will have to depart leaving them behind. Right now you should thank god almighty for giving food and shelter.. What if you have the stones and what if you don’t The one how possesses them feels pound. I have diamonds pearls an rubies he is ensnared by egotism an you are ensnared by foolish envious thinking. The diamonds. The diamonds created by nor do they given joy to any body. God has created diverse forms coursers and events for your joy you knowledge and enhancing your divine love. After birth you come in your mother lap.
Neither your mother body before your birth. You suckled It as an when you wished and then tuned your face away. It is not considered to be defiled it needs neither oiling nor storing in a refrigerator. Had it been too sweet it would not have liked it. Had it been too had too hot it would have burnt your tongue had it been too cold it would have aggravated Vata .Neither much cold nor much ht neither much sweet not tasteless. The excellent and health much sweet nor tasteless. The excellent and healthful drink! Was it made by any insentient machine or supreme Consciousness? Was it made by any enemy or supreme benefactor No it was made by the supreme lord the sure well wisher and friend of all and it all and it was made out of compassion with great care and attention. When god brings favorable circumstances in life it is to encourages us And when at time, He caution us against becoming haughtily. He gives illness to teaches us not be unrestrained in diet he gives us health to serve making and to engage our selves in devotional practices or to king him so tell me whether god causes pain to us or elevates ;us God is our well wisher or enemy. He is our well shier not enemy. wants our progress, He is our wisher and we also want to progress for our good yet why the sorrow? Hwy the unhappiness?? The reason is that we don’t accept god will . We want god to fluid our wishers. You see palaces, Mansions. You see palaces mansions and gardens in a move. But if viewer to keep on viewing a scens forever No the sense will go an other of roads thieves dacoit good people dancers and lovers will come. All these are ever changing scenes on the cinema. If some body want to keep a particular scene stationary or to prevent some since one does not like it is not possible. If some body wants a particular scens to go away it is not possible. You cannot keep any scene stationary or prevent any scene or charge a scene at your will. This is only a film for your amusement. Entertainment or education.
Like wise god has made Shastri’s; He has prescribed paths of jnana Bhakti and karma. He has blessed you with a Guru mantra. God want sour will being if we view films deceive other or do other unworthy things like drinking gambling slandering are not we our selves sowing the seeds of misery?

So sorrow is formless weightless and colorless, Unhappiness I these other name for flashiness it is the lack of good sense, of insistence.
Some body dies his death does not make you unhappy or sad it is the feeling of he is my relative that makes you sad Birth of a person does not l gives happiness by itself. It is the belief as son or daughter is born me that gives you joy. We take the body as I and the things and person relate the body a sine . But if we take the self the supreme self form where the I arises as mine and the world as a dream and conduct yourselfers in the world judiciously there is happiness and bliss all the way. These are my diamonds these were possessed by some one else in the past will be possessed by some other person in the future. The land which you bevels to be your belonged to some body before it become yours. And when you die or may be before that it ownership will pass no to some body else. So do these thins actually belong to me? No you may be liven then to be yours superficially but know with in that all this is but a dream bad the one who knows it . God alone is mine. He is mien does not leaves my company even after death This realizing leads to perennial bills.

So dear one god did not create sorrwo1Neither was it created by nature bother Attachment aversion ignorance egoism are the causes of sorrow . Ignorance will be removed by the knowledge of essence attachment aversion will be eliminated by worshipping the lord by medina. That all you love for lord is supreme bliss is done.

God did not create unhappiness and you too don’t what tit. Unhappiness sin the second name for foolishness and it can be delimitated with the help of satsang for awakens discrimination.

Wisdom dawn snot without association with the saints and such communion cannot be easily enjoyed with the grace of lord Raman.

One gets human bath with the simples trace of god one gets faith and a guru with special grace of god with more divine grace one gets imitated into guru mantra and love for the lord is kindle in one heart. Divine love will lead sooner or later to the dine knowledge also.

Once a large has to be closed down in consequence of recession. Teachers become unemployed and wandered in search of livelihood one to the went to a cirrus company. The manger told him you will get work but you will have to act as a lion in the circus.

‘How shall I become a lion? Fear not we shall give you training to walk on feet and hands an make you wear the skin of a lion. Then you will walk on a rope.
I have only to wear the skin of a loin yes

The Ex-teacher was happy to have got the job. He was given the necessary training. It was advertised by the circus soapy we have a new lion. That wild ,lion will walk on the rope and other lion will be roaring on the ground below. You will be awestruck seeing this fear! People bight tickets. The show was running house full. The ex teacher wore line skin an started walking on the rope . The cruces musician played the music with lion roars as usually the curs workers do. Bu8t the teacher was filled with fear to see four roaring below. In fear he lost the balance and fell down on the net. He was pale with fear of being devoured by the four lion roaring blow. But the line said don’t be fatter we too are unemployed teachers of the same school.
We too are wearing make up like you.

Simi alary the people in the world look special on account of possessing wealth power or some other thing. But they are same in side joyless guys. The people averse to god tyro t suppers their suffering with some make up of possession just like the unemployed masters of the still do who were poor men but looked like lions. Each of them is bedeviled with some sorrow, anxiety problem or tension.

Your self is eternal and immortal.
The individual soul is part of god immortal conscious untainted by illusion an by nature perfectly blissful.

You are blissful by your very nature but them visitors worries passion and beliefs etc. Make you unhappy you do not want sorrow an it is not created by god or Maya or nature. Unhappiness is on account of ignorance. Don’t intensify your pains and sorrows thinking the body is affiliated with the pain I am the immortal son of god the knower of all Thus sale enquiry can eliminate your pains an sorrows.

Memorable thoughts your mere Darshan gives Me a wonderful energy….
I find no word to describe my faith in pujya Bapuji. In today society if some people are following the righteous path is only due to tehinfulence of the nectarine words of such holy men I in auricular am greatly influenced by Bapuji words. If my mind has it way I will filly everywhere and avail my self of his hold darshan and satsang and be it only for a few moments I gain a miraculously strength simply by having his darshan.

-shri Prakash singh
Badal, CM, Punjab.

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