Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Elixir of Faith

Undivided faith leads to Gods realization in this very life.
Any human being if resolves to attain god just today, there is not have an iota of doubt in this attaining good today. We have to be determined so firmly. Yet the divine grace also be instrumental in this. As a telegrammed makes us untiringly wait for the welcome of our intimate friend an we make all arrangements for receiving him similarly we should also eagerly wait for the attainment of God. The lord knows who is anxiously waiting for him if you call him sincerely today itself, He will certainly spare time to meet you, There are tow types of feelings, namely the feeling of being distressed being extremely impatient as is the sate of a dish upon begins separated form water. Insentient is inert but the supreme lord is al conscious very kind & compassionate. The other feeling is of love . When we are assured of the arrival of our friend we are in high spirits and delightfully wait for him. Similar when on loves god he most certainly arrives. One should be regular in pious observances and love god . Just like the paphia (rain bird) is said to cry incessantly for the rain that falls when the moon is in the fifteenth mansion which alone can quench its thirst. The paphia maintains persistence in determination to quench its moon is an the fifteenth mansion only. It does not vacillate form its determination even if the clouds pour their choicest rain. Its love does not fade away. Even at the cost of its, It des not become ittesoute at all . The clouds are insentient whereas the lord supreme consciousness. He is extremely king and compassionate and never lets his beloved die (suffering the pangs of separation).

Thus we should also make a firm resolution. I do not aspire for anything other then god when we do not think about any other thing we certainly attain god. One should never well upon any negative thought how can I attain god Rather one should be firmly determined.

Some people think I shall attain god when some Maharji will shower his grace jupon me It there any need to attain god on recommendation of some one?
One in tens of millions is god realized man end any rare one of them can make another attain god. One may say that the god realized man can show the path to god. It is true then why do people not tread the virtuous path? The only answer to this is that they do not believe in this matter. Hence the entire world is in such a deplorable plight.

As far as the grace of great man or divine grace is concerned it is always present. Still of our task rains unaccomplished we must admit that we have not faith in their grace. We have not firmly accepted their grace the fact is this.
Gajendra and Draupadi etc. implored the lord with firm belief and the lord earnestly reached then thought they wanted to get relived form distress only.

When on love s god for meeting god it is a different matter. Even god wishes to meet such a devotee urgently. So one should verily comprehend the fact the lord wish must get fluffed. WE might find ourselves incompetent in fulfilling our wish but it is just impossible that his wish is not fulfilled. When we wish only to meet good alone and most nothing else then the entire obligation lies on Him and the lord being subservient to such loving devotee, meets him.

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