Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Uniqueness In Human beings

(Excerpts from pujya Bauji’s Satsang)
A habitual trait found in all beings is Desire deires to eat drink indulge and stock up. Even a dog that has eaten to it full, would drift away with his choicest eatables to a safe corner and bury it in a pit to consume it after wards. This is called derisre one has money to meet immediate requirement but the thought that let some money be deposited in bank to used after wards is nothing else but desire only. The presence of driesre in plant kingdom is invariably different. The deride of human being and dog many also be divergent but one thing is quire certain that very being is possessed with one or this other sort of desire. There are tow distinctive traits that are possessed by the human beings and are not to be found in to her begins. The plant have hunger for water an manure where as the birds or insets long for food land safekeeping of their young ones. But along with desire human being have aspiration and inquisitiveness also. This is great indeed if the human begins cherishes this lofty aspect of his traits an entrusts his desires to destiny or God, it is certain that with in the blink of an eye he can attain the towering heights of spiritual elevation. It has been aptly said that for gods also the human life is difficult to attain. Even gods had aspirations and inquisitiveness but they are indent with so much luxury and lavishness that they becomes over occupied by their connoted indulgence and consequently remain devoid of the benefit of this prized distinctiveness Upon exhausting there meritorious coffers they come back to human sheath but gains these thirsts namely aspiration and inquisitiveness remain fallow an unexploited.

The aspiration to dwell in the harmony and ecstasy to the Affable lord lies an human begins. Even the most affluent and wealthy begins has an inner tendency the lord or any some power. Those who are deprived of nay such faith are perhaps devoid of humanity as well.
The human beings aspires to attain the blissfulness affection elixir an ultimately the supreme abode of the lord. We designate it heaven while others call it paradise or the blissful abode. Whatever is the name but the aspiration verily dwells in all human beings. Three is curiously to know who we really are this physical body dies but still were remain . Had it not been the case the who would have gone to heaven or hell? Even after death we are still there. There who are we and the lord? What is the relationship between a man and the lord? How can we diminish the distance between ourselves and him? This wakefulness to know is the real inquisitiveness. The craving to attain supreme bliss is know as aspiration an the desire to attain world things is called passion.
Hence all the three acute desire aspiration and inquisitiveness are present in a human being. When only desire and nothing else is present in humans then the life of beast and a human begins is alike. During minor uneven satiations he becomes distressed or unnerved. A dog too acts likewise in an unfavorable situation and slips away with it till downers whereas in a favorable situation it happily wags it tail to express its joy. The human begins also expresses his joy but his position is too high as compared to a dog. In facet the human begins is higher then all to her living begins such as ox, horse donkey etc. becomes he is the holder of tow more wells aspiration and inquisitiveness. If he gives importance to these tow virtuous threes the can even super the gods the gods have not been blessed with the opportunity to beget the supreme lord whereas the human beings has been sanctified with such a brilliant opportunity. Not only this it is human begins and not the who have been made holy by being gives the opportunity of becoming a guru to the supreme lord.

The lofty heights which a human begins can attain remain invariably inaccessible for both gods and demons. By imparting significance to inquisitiveness and assertion the human being can reach the utmost zenith in his life. After reaching that supreme summit no one can meet nay descend in his life. The luminosity of the sun the moon or the fire do not radiate there any more. Rather by attaining knowledge of that fundamental luminous component the supreme consciousness which is the in he rent cause of radiance in the sun moon and fire the human beiges gets thought the threshold of salvation even while living.

A human might be dwelling in extreme poverty to the extent that the only loin cloth that his body bears number of patches on it. The vegetable he eats is without any salt in it apart form all this the inquisitiveness and aspiration have attained such insurmountable heights in that supreme being that even lord indra considers himself a toddler. Nurturing the trail of inquisitiveness leads to attainment of the Brahmajnana an aspiration generates the supreme blissfulness of the Braham (the lord). I recommend you to assist these tow divine and unique traits present within yourself . Augment your inquisitiveness an aspirin. Do not squander your precious time unfulfilling your deires. The true success lies the fact that the desire keep diminishing where as aspersion and carroty keep on strengthening.

Even the pants and tress dread such a being that hankers after desires. While waiting at a bus stop, you detest a beggar asking of alums. In order to get rid to him you just shekel our few cons. But you reverently tag along a saint who is devoid of any world deires. You beseech him to accept your flowers or fruits. The saint says No my child I do not require these But you keep on pleading him as if by accepting your offerings he world to a great favor to you. Your offerings to a degree less being become an imposing meritorious deed for you. On the other hand your act of giving away thing to a desirous being to just get tid of him.

Do not become a mendicant to the society, the naught or the lord for the fulfillment of y9ou will perceive the nature voluntary compliance towards you. In may ashram I given standing situation to wire on the boards that there is not requirement for any collection of money or other item. Rather any violation of direction should be immediately informed to office I have never raised any concretion any ashram. In spite of that ashram cow tending centers and dispensaries stat are begins run. In many ashrams the samitis are organizing various centers for do prayer have food and get charity for the poor and the destitute who are unable to get . I’ve never expressed any desires to have any thing where in cash or in king for you. Whatever is in diary will automatically come. When the child takes bright does he ever dicer for the milk to ready for him? Still it is nature’s divine arrangement that milk becomes ready for his nourishment. Bu the direly had attainable. Do you every desire pary we breath still the breath is amiable as per you requirement so it is addible not to belittle yourself by raising constant desire. Rather attain the Elysium treasure by augment sign your divine uniqueness of aspersion and inquisitiveness.

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