Friday, September 24, 2010

Why Lal Bahadur was named lal Bahadur?

The incident relates to Lal Bahadur Shastri’s childhood. One day he thought, everything else in the family has a name ending with lad or parsed; why is It that my name ends with Bahadur?
He went to mother an asked mother why is it that my name ends with Bahadur? None is out family has name ending with Bahadur. Even our relatives have their names that end with Lal or Parsed. Why have I been given such a clumsy name? I don’t like it.’
His maternal uncle who was sitting nearby said Why A renowned adovate in Allah and has the name Tej Bahadur.’

Ramdulari Lal Bahadur mother smiled and said to her brother, your brother in law (lal Bahadur father ) has not named my darling Bahadur to make him a lawyer. He wanted him to be Baghdad (brave) his pen and I wanted him to be Bahadur by action. There fore we have named our lal (darling son) lal Bahadur. Our lal will become Bahadur and with his courage and braveness.

Mother was driven to tears saying this. The memory of her late husband become fresh in her mind . She pulled lal Bahadur onto her lap and showed a host of blessing on him. These blessings gave him tremendous courses and encouragement later in tacking his family problems and in life a good part of which was spent in jail strewn with all kings of difficulties. Mother blessings did bear fruit and history beers testimony to the tolerance decently modesty courage and velour of lal Bahduadur Shastri’s. He was endowed with monumental patience courage’s sense of sacrifice.

Childhood is a highly impressionable stage in life. You can mould the children the way you want. The needs is that of incaution of good treads.
Once Lal Bahduadur was going with his friends to see the fair. He did not have money to pay to the boatman. Full of self respect, Lal Bahadur would not tell this to any body. He jumped into the swift current of the river and swam his away scrods it.
Once lal Bahadur was in Naini Jail. At home his daughter pushpin was sick and was prevailed upon him to take parole and care for her ailing daughter. His parole was sanctioned but he refused to be release on parole, because as a condign of parole he had to affirm in writing that he would not do anything in support of the freedom movement. In the meanwhile the condition of his daughter worsened and she was vacillating tsarist was firm in his commitment to nationalism an self respect. Finally the concerto was so please with his firmness him unconditionally.
Shashtrii arrived at his home but on that very day his daughter left for her heavenly abode. Shashtrii came form the cremation ground. He did not even enter his house to meet his family and picking up his effects got into a Tonga for going back to the jail. People gave much reasoning saying. The parole is not yet furnished. But Shashtrii said the reason for which parole was given is over. As a matter of principle I should go back to jail and he went to jail.;

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