Friday, January 8, 2010

Answerr Divine

Devotee: Gurudev is it essential to observe rules like not taking food cooked by a menstruating woman or not to sit in impure places for attainments of Self realization or is it enough only to have a yearning for self realization?
Pujya Bapuji: if you observer such rules in order to attain self realization you will develop yearning for the Lord which is essential to attain Self realization. We intend to intensify the yearning for self realization but we do not avoid food cooked by a menstruating woman or go to watch movies and eat whatever impure food we like this is plain foolishness. The pure your food the pure your conduct will be.
Devotee: If a member of the family is sick and we do japa or anushtahan etc, for him, does he get the benefit of that?Justify Full
Pujya Bapuji: Of course he does.
Devotee: Gurudev How does the world appear after Self realization?
Pujya Bapuji: After self realization, the world appears the same as it does to you now. The only difference is that the world appears to be real to you but to self realized person it appears as a passing phenomenon. For example you see a rope and think it to be snake. You first reaction is that of fear. When you go near it and examine it in the light of a torch you find fearless. Now it you go to the same place, you will still see the rope appearing like a snake but you will have no fear. You will have no illusion whiter it is a snake or a creak I the earth or a driblet of water. In the same way once you realize your Real self you will be desire for worldly pleasure: you will be self realized person has no self satisfied. Self realized person has no desire yet he appears to be gratifying his desires. In fact he does whatever comes his way by the play of fate but the effect there of him is as short lived as is line produced by putting a finger across a stream Lord Krishna supervises the battle but a so desire of any kind within.
The desert sands produce an optical illusion of a mirage seen from a distance. Even after the truth is known water will still be seen but not you know that it is sand. Similarly the falsity of worldly attractions is divulged to the enlightened person.
Arjuna asked lord Krishna;
What o Krishna is the description of him who has steady wisdom and is merged in the super conscious state? God replied:
When a man completely casts off, O Arjuna all the desires mind and is satisfied in the self by the self then is he said to be one of steady wisdom.
For a God realized person his Real Self is not confined to his body. He experiences his Real self to be pervading countless universes. Lord Brahman lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are located in his Being. A Brahmajanac Cannot be fathomed by external means.
Devotee: how to assess that out acts are virtuous or sinful?
Pujya Bapuji: Consider your act to be virtuous if peace and bliss arises in your heart as a reward of the act and on the contrary result of your act is unrest and anxiety then it is a sinful act.
Devotee: What are termed as scriptures?
Pujya Bapuji: That which checks your waywardness and lack of restraint there by leading you on the path of virtue; which disciple your senses and mind thus saving your form tending to fall and in turn aids you to make ascent a holy book which contains a description of such knowledge is termed a as scripture.
Leave this city.
The mahatma said your have exiled this gentlemanly priest form your city then how can I stay there and more? Frits ask for his forgiveness and persuade him to stay in your city only then can I too live therein.”
The lord too reiterated His condition yes only the stay of the Mahatma in the city can ensure my stay there.”
Lord Krishna says to uddhava “o Uddhava saints are ever so dear to me.
Saints don’t win over the Lord Thought devotion or flattery. The saints and devotees simply love a mutual admiration for one another. The king over and again beseeched the priest and the Mahatam with folded hands and the Mahatma with folded hands and finally was able to persuade then to return. So the Lord also gave his consent, okey then now I to shall come along; but how would the people bear in mind this incident after all?”
Then Shesha the serpent said, O Lord Earlier, I used to spread my hood above your hear form mow onward I will keep it turned back wards inventory of your coming back to the city.
Even today, ;you can go to the Kanchi Kamakoti temple and see for yourself that Shoshanna hood (as couch) over the head of the Lord is turned backwards.

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