Sunday, January 3, 2010

Think Over……..

Sages look with an equal eye on a Brahmin endowed with learning and humility, on a cow on elephant and even on a dog and an outcaste.”
In the eyes of such Great men no one is either a friend or fore. Neither do they bother for any slander nor do they wish for praises because they carry out their each work being established in the notion of being a witness observer warp and woof with the welfare of others always remaining aloof from selfishness. Arjuna said to Lord Sri Krishna in Gita. Verily you yourself know yourself by yourself, O Supreme person the thoughts and the brings activist and the great souls can never be judged and scrutinized by human mind. The air passing thought the Himalayas does become cool but it doesn’t have the potency to demolish the, mountain or to haul it down. How can a perishable intellect grasp the of the Godly sages?
According to a Jnanyogi nobody else possesses an independent authority accept the Atam (the soul) and circumstances cannot in any way harm a self realized person. Our revered Bapuji is also one such Brachmainani (God realized) saint who leads a life like that of blissful fakir. Truth never fears the face. How can contemptible person whose lives are centered around body and their dirty minds, ever have any effect on the Atramrami the one engrossed in self. An ocean of compassion pujya Bapuji who cannot see the sufferings of even sick and meek cows and gets them attended on without any purpose; who has been providing a motherly shield and tenderness to immoveable orphans has been bestowing desired fruits to his sadhakas on their genuine summons who is striving rigorously to make each jiva living being realize his true identity who being absolutely unconcerned about his health sits for hours blessing us with the nectar of satsang is unceasingly engaged I out uplifment without expecting anything in return who has cores of devotees around the world such God of gods who experinnces the sorrow of other as his own the so called volley handful of violent elements do not carry even the least truth. Just think what the complainants themselves are? The ones hostile towards their Guru who do not have a personality of their own no conscience. Is it justifiable for the Government the police or the common people to get strayed by some false words uttered by such men? Will despicable deed as accusing a great Man who dispels the ignorance of the others adorn us? Shurpankha said to Ravan that I was insulted my slit grants me justice. Ravan heard the plea of only one side and sent his soldiers for slaying Ram Lakshmana but what happened in the end it brought en end of Ravan along with his complete dynasty. This was the outcome of Shurphkha anger and non uplifment of her desires which were utterly disgraced and actuated by self interest. Ravan suffered downfall by trusting Shurpankha not knowing her character. The whole kaurava family was ruined by conforming to the advice of shaken being unaware of his designs and selfishness. Not comprehending the game being played by mantra Kaikeyi was deprived of her honors. On the other hand Hanuman relied on his devotion to master and discriminative sense because of which he did not get beguiled by the plausible talks of Kalnemi. Today the services offered by Him are worth being initiated His name deserving to be remembered. One should contemplate thoroughly before doing saying or listening anything that whether it is right or not? Whether it will set right this world life or the next world life of ours? Whether the elements notated by selfish interests are not using you as a tool to further their own ends? Is it justifiable to fall victim to a few number of person involved in wicked undertakings absolutely neglecting the beliefs of and without paying any need to the faith and cries filled with devotion of cores of devotes.
Whenever the righteousness has suffered declination it has always been due to some wicked men and the innocent ones have always fallen prey to it. But how long shall this improper custom continue? Why are we becoming participants of gullets by posing hindrance in the way of the Great personages who forbid us form adopting the various evil practices like dowry system abrogation cow slaughter etc. How are time and against being put on the rack by the conspirators and consequently giving victory to their intentions. Why?
But not again… Just as a single lamp is enough to remove the darkness in all directions even so the beneficent galena, the radiance of the Lord benediction will put weight the conspiracies of the entire world. The truth can waver but never gets defatted it can only take times to reveal but always remain in darkness. Can the self assertive an fictitious talks of a handful talks of a handful of violent men surge the ocean of peace. No they are stable serene and in equilibrium. Rather the human forms whose behavior suggests that of heron, fancying bringing grief to them are themselves disturbed and reaping the fruits of their actions. The world seems full of darkness to the blind not to the one with eyes because drakes is actually within. It’s not Kala jadu black magic but the vision and thoughts are eclipsed designs are drak of the rebels of Guru. It is not illegal land or illegal relationship but illegality lies in their demands and which begins not fulfilled has enraged them. Poor conspirers the selfish creatures blazing in the fire of fury. On one side is flowing the pure water of divine Ganges and on the other flows the contaminated dirty stanching water of a drain which water would you life to drink? It solely depends on your discernment. Perhaps the drain water may be suitable for the animals but the one with discriminative power will certainly prefer the pure one. Similarly we should also contemplate whether we would like to attain to the Truth by plunging in the Ganges of Knowledge’s of pujya Bapuji or spoil out liver by getting entrapped in the net laid by the polluted and narrow minded ill fated ones. Mull over and mover forward with Truth and against falsity.

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