Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bapuji’s Knack frees Operation

My wife was in labor when she had a problem. I had to admit her immediately at 2.a.m. in Dr. Maskar Hospital in Kalyan (Maharashrta). The doctor said She can deliver a body right now but even after trying for uptil 7:00 AM When he was not successful, in inducing labor he said. The infant’s head and both hands are held back and thus there and both hands are held back and thus there are very little chances of its survival but in order to save the mother, operation is a must. I said to the doctor, please give mean hour time.” He said,”Its okay you can tell later on. Just 8 days before, I had attended the Holi shivir at Surat Ashram and Guruji has said giving a tip in the very first session of the satsang programme, To those woman whom doctors advise for undergoing operation as the only way for delivery, if a tablespoonful of fresh extract of a native cow’s dung is given reacting God name. Them she normally delivers a body without pain and operation. I applied this method on my wife with faith. I mixed a little Gangajal (holy water of river Ganges) in the exrct of the cow dung and further sanctified it with the chatting of my Guru mantra. I made her drink that juice and hardly 25-30 minutes had passed when she normally delivered a body. The doctor supinely commented.
This is the first time in I have seen in my life in my life in the last 15-20 years of my career where an infant entangled in such critical way has been delivered so normally without operation. I shall forever be obliged to my Satguru for his blessings.
Ashok Chandanmal (Branch Officer) Bank of India, Ulhasangar (Mah.)

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