Friday, January 1, 2010

Conspiracy Unveiled

As night approached the fantail requested for same liquor for offering the deity. For 5 days in a row, I supplied liquor and sat with him all day, form morning till evening. He demanded for a female to fulfill his lust. On the 6ht day I handed him over to Sandesh newspaper. On the 7th day, I brought him to Delhi a presented him before the media.
On the 8th day he was handed over to India.
TV I have endured him continuously for 8 whole days.”
These are some of the comments of Raju chandak alias Lambu, who has been scheming conspiracies against the world famous sant Sri Asaramji Bapu.Read further for the sensational revelations.
Since centuries many have conspired to divide and vilify the great Indian culture. In the current situation conspiracies are being hatched against sant Asaramji Bapu who is the promulgator of the India couture today and who has greatly enhanced the prestige of Gujarat and has brought forth the emotive stream of Bhakti yoga and Jnana amongst the masses. Malicious efforts to vilify him are going on since a ling time.
The secret of the defame of the defamatory activities against Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu and the ashram. Which were going on since approximately 1.5 years was finally disclosed the master planner behind all these conspiracies. Raju Lambu, a today of the anti religious elements was unveiled.
Due to lack of impact of earlier made allegations Raju was enraged and now was in search of the girl for fabricating a new story. Vijay name changed a sadhakas who being upset with the licentious allegations on Bapuji took advantage of this and along with seam a prop; he unveiled the deeds of Raju. The expositions made by the man named raju in formt of the secret camera are stunning and clear haring out the fact that how efforts are being made to spoil the image of Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu by hatching loathsome conspiracies. Along with this the names of various others involved in this deed have come to light. In this Sandesh a money hungry Gujarat newspaper is specifically involved. The story of this sting operation is very interesting which unravels the bare truth the conspirators. This sting operation report when broadcasted on the a 2z channel caused a big stir.
In the sting opening Raju says It is very easy to Tran Bapu. It not such a difficult job but before taking any step one should think 100 times.
Trying to explain his view well Raju Lambu said whatever I have to do has to be solid. When it happens it should be with bang. Nobody will know anything. Even if the job doesn’t get done I will think 100 times before doing anything. Secondly the advocate will explain the story made by him to her seema. There are some tings which are not in this story he will add them after asking seems. Based on what the advocate says. He Bapu will be sentenced He will prepare the story properly.
Referring to the Aghori tintack incident Lambu told that the tantrum baba who had filed a case ageist Bapu was taken to the Sandesh newspaper who put his Lambu name in the FIR. With this confession it becomes clear that this Aghori incident/ conspiracy was also the result of Raju Lambu strategy.
For 5 days Raju provided the tantrik with liquor. It should be taken into account that in Gujarat, alcohol is completely prohibited in spite of which he was supplied with it continuously for 5 days. This is a punishable offence. In Gandhi Gujarat a licentious man openly deals with liquor even acknowledges it and even them the administration is quiet.
In the sting operation Raju also told that the Aghori was paid 30 to 40 thousand for this job by some party.Amrit parapet also belonged to this group referring to whom Raju said Amrit bhai works in haste while I don’t first think properly and them take any step.”
Here it is worth mentioning that last year a bukha clad woman had made baseless allegation of moral turpitude against sant Sri Asaramji Bapu. You must be curious to know who that bertha clad woman was? She was Amrit Parapets wife Amrit had confessed in Rancher police station Surat. To Vilify Bapu I had produced my wife in a bukha But this matter wasn’t published anywhere.
Boasting about his connections Raju further says four people are with me. 2 are in the judiciary and the offer tow are skilled ones in this filed. I carry out my works taking their advice.”
After all who are these people???
Their names were not revealed by Raju completely assuring Vijay and Seema, Raju Lambu said Dindesh bhai bhagchandani Shiksha bhai kaushik bhai Patel the whole team is with me. Today Sandesh has created a tough situation for Asaram. They Sandesh have a direct involvement in this case. Moreover they will support me fully in her case seems to be used as a dummy. He will provide me with the detail story affidavit and all to her things required as well as the ways to escapee if needed. Referring to another girl who was to be used as an instrument in the conspiracy he said She was form Gujarat she refused.”
Lambu also took Vijay to the office of Sandesh. Both were offering Vijay 2.5 lakh rupees each for producing a girl for the job. A man of the managerial rank of Sandesh named rate said now we won’t agree so easily to put in money. The Aghori also fled a did not say anything substantial. Due to this our circulation has reduced to half. The name of the anti social elements like Amrit Parapet Mahendra Chawla Rajesh Solanki defender Bhavar singh Ramesh Patel of Barely Gujarat, Avin Verma Vain Chauhan etc. have also came to light. This sting operation has laid bare the various false cages framed against sant Sri Asaramji Bapu and the wakeful citizens of Gujarat are boycotting Sandesh.
Now the prime issue is arresting Raju Lambu alias Raju chandak and his gang of accomplice including those at the Sandesh newspaper by taking legal action against them. With these demands the devotees of Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu have took to the streets. Following Gandhji principles they started an indefinite silent huger strike end dharma in front of the Sandesh press since 12th November. Rallies were held in Ahmedabd Rajkot Surat Bhavangar, Baroda patan Bharuch Gandhingar Mehsana and other place in sated of Gujarat. As much as fifteen days passed since the day they began the huger strike in Ahmedabd. But neither any sympathy was shown towards them nor nay action taken against the conspirers by the administration. What does this show?
The responsibility of finding out those who are consorting against Bapuji and of taking legal action is actually of the administration ,but leave alone carrying out this duty why didn’t why didn’t take any action even after the conspires were exposed. This giver rise to many doubts and question. It is worth a mention that 7 innocent sadhakas of th ashram were slapped with section 304 which gave an impetus to the culprits conspires making it obvious that they have links with and a hold on the administration.
R.C Mishra.

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