Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thus Spake Saints…..

Shri Kailashanandji Maharaj, Haridwar: Everyone should protect the tradition and prestinge saints. A shout time ago, our society as well as the entire governments, bureaucracy and the officialdom had remained some what silent spectators when Jagatguru Shankaracharya shir Jakyendra Saraswatiji Maharaji was ensnared appallingly a conspiracy hatched against him. Today Asaramji Bapu is facing the same crisis in the same fashion. Whether this attempt is on Maharaji Sri Asaramji or on had of any other organization, such direct attack is al heinous and contemptible attempt.
Shir Ramesh Bhai Ojha, Sermonizer of Bhagwat; the same happened to our Shankaracharya as well. Can our revered saints and sages ever be including in such incindents? Do they not understand their responsibility? Are they not aware of their position or about their obligation to towards the society? Those who are our religious mentors & guides, those who tech the precepts of righteousness to the people, Is it possible that they themselves do not abide by the same? The question of the great man’s involvement in such nefarious incident cannot arise at all.
The people who covet for selfish gain, whether of money political power or any other thing cannot tolerate awakenting of our society. They cannot see the society march ahead on the path to Truth. Only such deviants indulge in hatching conspiracies against the roved saints.
Shri Rajeshwarji Maharaji, Haridwar, Whatever type of attack they want to do on the Hindu religion its, religious leaders or the cultures they are doing on the behest of foreign powers through their agencies only. Fundamentally these powers intend to defame Hindu religion by Calumniating its religious teachers as well as Hindu beliefs. Many renowned saints like Asaramji Bapu are falsely accused which is absolutely undesirable and wrong. At last before accusing, the facts should be duly considered evaluated and probed. Till date not a single accusation leveled against revered Shankaracharvji has been proved to be true. Everything was just fabricated such stores against revered saints in this way can proved to be true. Everyone was just fabricated stores. To fabricate and publish or broadcast such stores against revered saints in this way can prove fatal to both the society as wall as the nation.
Sant Shri Baba Harpal Singhlji Maharaj, Chief Ratvada Sahib Gurudwara Mohali (Punjab): The balmes which are being put on revered saint Bapuji are basless. We have observed Bapuji very closely, We love him greatly The ones who heap reproaches on such spiritual and Great Men deserve severe criticism. All of us belonging to each and every ashram of Punjab oppose this.
Bapuji institution has a very broad outlook. The religions unity here and the propagation of Bapuji is for all and sundry. Therefore we incitingly appeal that such Great Men Should not be blamed in this way.
Today all the Sikh people the complete Sikh is ready for making any sacrcice required for Bapuji.
Today all the sikh people the complete sikh Sect, is teach for making any sacrifice required for Bapuji.
Shri Ashok Singhal, International President, Vishwa Hindu Parishad: Visiting the Abmendabad ashram, Shri Ashok Singhal obtained a detailed report of assault on the inmates of the ashram and also about the plunder and damage done by the police in the ashram. He was deeply shocked by this incident. Feeling distressed he commented, “It is a great mistake committed by the chief mister Marinara Modi to have allowed all this to happen in his rule. He cannot exonerate himself from This blunder.
“How could you allow this to happen in you state? All this is taking place under you regime?
Shir Singhal further said, The evil, propaganda against revered Bapuji is preplanned at the cost of crores of rupees. Revered Shankaracharyaji was Victimized on account of these malevolent conspiracies. Sadhavi Pragya was also accused. It is a well planned conspiracy hatched by Chrsitans.
“Our saints are continually being defamed one after the other. After the indictment of Shankaracharya Shri Jakyendra Saraswatiji, Amritanandamayi Ma sathya saibaba and sadhvi Pragya, now revered Asaramji will never toerate any such treatment given to our saints. Arresting and canning devotes in a rally that was taken out by Bapuji disciples on 26th November, is nothing else but a brutal & merciless act. Intruduing the ashram on27th Now, damaging, the ashram and arresting more them 200 inmates was part of a well planned strategy. The Bhartiya ajnata Party high command should intervenc in this matter. The police should immediately stop torturing Asaramji Bapu and these discuses.
Shir Giriraj Kishoreji, a Veteran Leader of Vishwa Hindu parishad: A conspiracy is being exerted for defaming why was Shankaracharyaji arrested? What was the reason being his arrest? Those who carry out numerous philanthropic activities, Those who are renowned are opened the most an the regimes always oppose them.”
Shri Mohan Bhagwat the Sarsaghchalk, Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh: We have suggested the Gujarat government It should deliberate impartially and do not let the innocents suffers in its regime.

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