Friday, January 15, 2010

Satsang News

(Rishi Prasad Correspondent)
Bhandara was organized on 28th October for the poor, in Bodeli (Gujarat). Distribution food grains clothes sweets utensils an d other useful commodities was done amongst the poverty stricken people of this place. Meals were also served to the, cash gifts were also given with gratifying them with the nectar of Kirtana of Lord name.
A grand Satsang and purnima darshan mahotsava (festival) was organized in Baroda form 29th October to 2nd November. The presence of people who had arrived form the whole of Gujarat an different states of India made the distinguished arrangement look like a Mahakumbha. Elucidating the secret of law of Karma Service in his matchless style pujyashree said. You can shield yourself form the heavy showers or rainy raincoats and umbrellas but you cannot get off with the curse, sooner or later of the conscience if you do wrong for in that case nothing will work neither raincoat nor umbrella. So one should not delude oneself.
One is considered to be skilled in his work if anyhow he is able to amass wealth, gather articles of luxury get an elevated post, by resorting to fraud an deceit. No Skillfulness refers to his that one carries out his duty but the ego I am the doer’ doesn’t touch him an he does get swayed by successes and failures.”
People of Ghaziabad had the good fortune of poonam darshan an satsang form 2nd to 4th November. Bapuji while giving a tongue lashing of illuminating the love for Lord in an effortless manner said.
The mind get so bound y slavery to human that it makes one anxious that he may not be expelled form job: that his boss may not disapprove of him the so on Oh You don’t feel ashamed that the God is annoyed and exhaust your life in trying to make agreeable the valueless toys only once if you please the Lord them I assure you that the whole world shall move behind your trying to amuse you”
The satsang lovers of Ulhasangar were gratified by the ambrosial showeres of satsang from 8th 10th November. Bapuji said Youth wealth and health ware propitious only as long as they are used for getting established in self. If one reaches youth or gets a sound health and expends it in enjoyment fulifiment of lusts and accumulation (of material objects) them such health and youth only bring sorrows.
The Mumbaites had the privileged satsang held at Shivaji Park in Dadar on 14th and 15th November. Merciful Bapuji stressed upon the inevitability of satsang along with wealth so that the people of materialistic Mumbai may no remain captivated by wealth alone. Bapuji said.
The real worth of money is reflected only at such place where satsang and knowledge are revered and otherwise wealth only brings forth pride and lust in one possessing it an subswquntstly prompts him into an evil plight just as in the space of Ravan. Pelf an power add satsang are held in respect.
Pujyashree arrived in the city of Mahakal (lord Shiva) i.e. Ujjain for spending his days in seclusion on 16th November. Tough it was pujyashree seclusion period, nonetheless people kept coming form far off place with the of darshan. Pujyashree also unbarred his cascade of atsang and knowledge every evening for these tolerant and curious to be released for cycle of birth and death sadhakas sitting form morning till evening with the of getting a glimpse of pujyashree. The fortunate sadhakas would feel obliged with the draught of nectar of knowledge and mediation. The audio telecast of these satsang was done in the carious states a district around the country and also at various places outside the country. The satsang held during the seclusion period of pujyashree are worth listening for the satsang inqusive ones.
After this Bapuji proceeded to dispense the nectar of satsang to the anxious devotees in carious villages. The emotional call of the devotees of Bandager yielded fruition and on 22nd November (evening) pujya Bapuji arrived at Bandager. These love stricken hearts would wait for the auspicious occasion of the darshan of their Godly Gurudev for as mush as 6 hours. After getting the darshan of pujya Bapuji these devout hearts got so engrossed in the virtuous and divine contemplation that the clock struck ten at night, fleetingly in Bhavar Samadhi. At last Bapuji had to forcefully bid them farewell. The people of Badnavar were benefited on 23rd (evening) and 24th morning with satsang and session of satsang was given to he people of Kansan on 24the (evening). When Bapuji reached the ashram situated in Rapture, the news spread like fire around the whole village and the votaries flocked in for darshan. It was same scenes again the next day. Quenching the people of Rajpura Kapasthal with satsang darshan, Bapuji reached Dasai where a grand Bhandara was also organized after the satsang. The satsang organized at Dhar on 26th and 27teh November proved to be outstanding its own right. The residents of this place were purified by bathing in the nectarine steam of Kirtana of Lord name and Bhagvadhatha (stories related to the acts of Lord). While imparting the technique of a happy family and social life Bapuji said, the home which doesn’t have in it any image or picture of God saints is not a home but crematoria, Goddess Laxmi gets disappointed is such homes where parents elders and sick ones are not cared for. The coming gin the house thought the feet of cat’s goat or broom is inauspicious and takes away property. The mud of the sole of cow an affectionate heart and satsang bring abut a heavenly delightful an delivering atmosphere in the house.
On 27th (evening) and 28th November satsang was organized a Manama. The people gathered here form far flog villages to get glimpse of their beloved self realized supreme well wisher beings pujya Bapuji after 9 years. The huge crowd belonging to realigns and castes made Mahavira look like the great Kumbha of Ujjain. The love an devotion of the votaries and the enchanting atmosphere here, made even Bapuji remark duging farewell: Though departing here is indispensable nonetheless I don’t want to go.”
A single session of satsang was declared at Indore ashram on 29th (anteroom) and very soon such a huge gathering thronged that the permanent of ashram and the expanded temporary pandal as well were rendered inadequate by the Indore people.
Special importance on this festival. To rub on the body paste of til while bathing to bathe with til mixed water to drink til mixed water to perform. Havana (sacrificial liable) with til to consume til and to give away as alms til all these activates are destroyers of sins and granters of merits. Performing virtuous deeds and giving donation hold special importance on this day. Some people donate money while others give away til gur (raw sugar). On the contrary, I would want you to consign yourself to the feet of the Lord Pray to Him O lord Take ,my individually my ego and all that which belongs to me along with taking me.”
That which your considers me and mine if you bestow all that to God then what shall be left behind? Only the Lord

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