Monday, January 4, 2010

Saints are Ever So Dear to Me

A priest used to conduct the routine worship at the Kanchi kamakoti temple. His duty was to worship the Lord wave the agate lamp before Him offer food to the deity and then deliver the consecrated food to the King.
Once it so happened that the king got displeased with the priest for same reason. He didn’t only suspend the priest form his job but so ordered him to leave the kingdom within three days. It was the kind’s mandate so finding himself totally helpless; the poor priest reluctantly packed up his belongings.
However the priest used to visit a Mahatam often and serve him selflessly. He went to the Mahatam and said Holy sir In compliance with the royal orders, I am going to leaves this Kingdom so here I have came to seek your blessings.”
The Mahatam said you daily used to cook food and bring it for me. You also brought the prasada of the Lord to me. If a devotee like you is deserting this place what should I do staying here? Come on I will accompany you wherever you go.
Maharaji also got ready to leave with his bag baggage. Such ascetics have no problem whatsoever food is always ready for them wherever they go. Mahatmaji went into the temple and spoke to the Lord, O Lord lying on the bed Shesha; You may of course take rest here but am going When the priest who used to serve me is leaving what business do I have staying here.?
The Lord replied when a saint like you is to leave their city them for what purpose should I remain here. I am not interested in the royal articles provided by the king. I rather like the pious company of saints. So I too will accompany you.’
They all left with the priest in the lead followed by the Mahatam and Lord Narayan in guise of an ordinary man, following the Mahatam. As they left the city was engulfed in a veritable turmoil. The king had nightmares while various ominous incidents began to take place in the city. The king went hurriedly to the other saints and Mahatmas of his kingdom to enquire about the reason behind the upheavals. He was intimated that with the priest leaving the city the Mahatam also left. And the Lord who couldn’t forgo the holy with them. Thus only the image of the Lord now remains in the temple while His divine spirit left with the Mahatam. When the fuse is disconnected all appliance such as the bulbs fans air conditioners etc. are left without power and hence out of order. Similarly with the all powerful spirit of the Lord leaving the city has plunged into a chaotic disorder.
The kind went into the city temple and ardently prayed to the lord for mercy. Just then the divine utterance was heard.”
“O king when the Mahatam has abandoned your city how can I stay here any longer.”
The king immediately approached the Mahatam and said, ‘Maharaj Please don’t .

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