Monday, January 11, 2010

Carelessness is Death.

Here is an instance that tells you about what you call fate or destiny. A boil suppurated in the body of the great Dhancantari, the founding father of Ayurveda. He was a master physician himself. He tried all medicines and treatments for two three years but the boil could not be cured. It turned into an ulcer. Finally he becomes weary and accepted it as God’s will.
One afternoon, he was lying on a cot in the courtyard and of his cottage. Probably it was spring season. A cool breeze was surprised no end to see a plant speaking.
They alone heave written great scriptures or made inventions who have availed themselves of the virtues of silence solitude and peace. No extrovert people have been capable of achieving such feats. Success comes to only those scientists who speaks less an only when nesses to do so who forget themselves and families when investigating a phenomenon. They are able to make innovation only when they forget my an your and enter into a depth of concentration even if a primary one.
If you want to grasp a subtle phenomenon, you must have a subtle intellect. As I offer say if you want to catch TV or radio ways you must have the appropriate equipment. TV and radio waves are presently three in the environment song are being sung news broadcasted and other programmers being transmitted and you have the ears which are capable of herring. Yet you cannot hear or see them because you don’t have the required equipment. Similarly three are many things going on in the subtle world but we can perceive them only when our inner apparatus is properly tuned. If your meandering mention is silenced for just half an hour, get commented to the subtle world; you can get acquainted with the activates going on in astral worlds you an grasp the conversation going on among the gods. You can know when the assembly of gods in Indra court is adjourned or what discussion went tonal in the parliament. You can also foresee things. Such is the potency hidden within you. A seed has the whole of tree hidden within. If a seed is told you are a banyan tree it will disagree. But if the circumstances are favorable the banyan tree becomes manifest. The beak the tongue, the eyes the ears the wings and the feet of a peacock are shrouded in the egg. In the same way the whole of ht universe is concealed within you (self). If the circumstances favor, the universe can become manifest. It is not impossible. As it is in your body so is it in the universe. So if you want to travel around the universe then travel within yourself. If you want to realize God realize True Self quickly.
The herd was taking to Dhancantari; you have undergone so much pain and suffering I am there right in you courtvard. You are not looking at me not realizing my worth at all. Now be quick to use me.”
Dhancantari plucked the herb ground it and applied it to the wound. The wound was cured. He said Dumbo when you knew I would be cured by applying you why, didn’t you speak earlier. You were right here when the boil suppurated three ago. You are found all around this hilly place.
The herb said Dhanvantriji At that time you fate was dead set against you. Now its deadliness is on the wane; therefore I have spoken.
What is inevitable destined cannot be averted. You were inevitably destined to suffer the pain for three years. Therefore I didn’t speak. Now its inescapability is receded there fore I have presented myself. Now if you make a little effort, you will be successful.
Suppuration of bail can be inevitable but being ignorant can never be such. You are not compulsorily destined to remain ignorant nor are you so fated to be subjected to the cycle of birth and death. It is your slothfulness negligence and carelessness and you hang upside down in mother’s womb and be born as a camel an ass a dog a flower or a bird. This is the rustle of carelessness.
Carelessness alone is death. The Vedas say so.
Your stupidity your indifferent attitude and your carelessness drive you to wads death. There is no such destiny inevitable or otherwise to take you to death. It is our ignorance that we think of ourselves as doers and seek pleasures in the world. We desperately hanker after desires and that leads us to the cycle of birth death. If we came back to our home we find:
“The world is not so powerful a to be able to kill us.
The world owes itself to we do not owe ourselves to the world.
The is the whole truth but the question is when we realize it and get prepared to accept it. The Guru is waiting for that moment.

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