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Cow Product: Significance and Benefits

Curd: The taste of curd due to lactic acid is slightly sour and pungent. It is full of qualities and is very nourishing. Scientists have experimented and found out that curd reduces the chances of getting inflected with various kinds of cancers. Fresh curd (which) is not sour when taken in small quantity is beneficial for health.
Ghee: Bunting cow’s ghee with some grains of rice produces important gases, like ethylene oxide propylene oxide, formaldehyde etc. Ethylene oxide is anti bacterial. Scientific analysis has proved that the yajan done with the ghee of cow’s milk reduce the effects of “A atomic radiation in the atmosphere. The ghee extracted form the butter of the curd of cow’s milk when put in the eyes miraculously improves the eyesight.
Buttermilk: Buttermilk should neither by very (light) not very thick (heavy), such buttermilk is many times more benefit is many times more beneficial then curd. It has the qualities of being light, warm inducting huger destroys the caught, sweet acidic and being hot destroys the vata. It gives strength to stomach and heart and is sating. It conduction beneficial in dysentery swelling piles diseases of caught imbalance of Vayu and loss of appetite.
All the above mentioned qualities are only I the fresh and sweet buttermilk stale and sour buttermilk increases court and pitta and generates heart in the body.
Buttermilk should be taken in winter season. On the contrary in the case of delirium delusion inflammation plethora and diseases generating form pit it should be avoided. Curd and buttermilk should not be consumed after evening. Consumption of buttermilk and curd is ruled out during autumn and summer season and also in the month of mid August to mind September. Even if consumed then take only sweet fresh buttermilk with Mishra (sugar candy) and cumin seeds mixed in it.
Gamjharan (cow’s urine): Gamjharan is the best having no side effects divine pure static and spiritual qualities in the body and mind and improves resistance.
If a mental patient serve the body and mind ad import resistance to diseases.
If a mental patient serves the body cow for six months, caresses with hands on the back of baby cow and later consumes her urine taking the name of God then he can be released of mental problems within 24 hours because the cow baby is pure Godly innocent and only devoted to her mother. It has also been proved that intake of Gamjharan revises the destroyed DNA which is why it cures the cancer. Many people all over would are suffering form mental disorders. Such People should drink Gamjharan with faith.
Gamjharan is a divine medicine for each and everyone. It removes the diseases of digestive system and increases the white blood cells. The skin diseases are cured by dirking Gamjharan and massaging the mixture of cow dung and gaujharan, it opens the skin pores controls the sweat and removes the dryness of the skin and makes the skin shiny and soft, Gaujharan has a marvelous capacity of shedding extra fat. It contains several kinds of acids, which melt the lumps of caner whether they are in the body or brain. These acids melt and throw out of the body the stones in the liver and bladder. Gaujharan destroys the vata and cough disorders. People having pitta should not take Gaujharan as it increases the pitta. Those who have got tired of taking allopathic medicines are taking benefits of the medicines of cow therapy method.
Cow Dug Cow dung is the food of earth. It can make the barren land fertile. Cow dung and cow urine are used as manure to increase thefertlilty of land and they protect the harvest by serving as the insect’s destroyer by serving gas insect’s destroyer.
Our Duties
Every householder should keep the cow in their house and should nurture her with love. If you want to save your house form the bad effects of last then you should keep a cow put statue or picture of cow in your house. How nice it would be if instead of putting of actors, boxes lion tiger doges cats etc. cow’s picture is put a seen of loving a cow or ofmutruring and worshipping it or a picture of Lord Sri Krishna while heaving cow’s milk is placed on the walls. These days people use plastic bags and then thy put stale etc in them land throw them which while eating goes in the stomach of cows and becomes a reason of their death. This way we are killing the cows indirectly. Form today itself you stop throwing the vegetables andfrutis etc. in plastic bags and save yourself form the sin of killing the cows unknowingly.
It has become a howdy to keep dogs and cats as family members now days. People prefer to be foreign breed of dogs to display their splendid material sate but they cannot rear a cow in their houses. What an irony.
To protect a foster the genealogy of cow the youth of the country has to be inspired and educated. We should be determined to keep at least one cow in very family and your not to let her go to slaughter house. Along with this the general public should also be awakened. Pundit Madanmohan Malviya has said: if we product us those who use the cow for its milk and let her loose on the street to find food for herself do injustice and becomes the sinners.
When the questions of taking care of cows arise then people start relying on the gush alas (cowsheds). Only those are kept in the or phage who don’t have anyone to take care of them. No one will keep their near and dear ones in the orphanage. Cow is also members of the family. Her place is similar to that of mother. Can you take pride in keeping your mother in orphanage? If not then keep your cow in the house only.
Rich people keep opening new factories to increase their wealth then can they not open a gushala to keep their family healthy and happy along with earrings the virtue of serving cow Wealthy people make bungalows at different place in the biog cites for relaxation ad to spend holidays and keep servants to take care of these house. Can they not provide for arrangements of maintaining a cow in that relaxation time insuring the cow will get so much bliss which cannot be described in words. Rearing a cow will make the environment static increase the immunity to fight the diseases and it will make bring happiness and peace in the family.

Worship and how to execute the same. There are three flowers Bodha (knowledge) samya (seeing the Lord in all) and Shama (complete calmness of the mind obtained form control over the sense). Bodha signifies the knowledge’s of True self as it is. Samya mesa beholding the complete and perfect supreme Brahman in all beings. And Shama stands for disengaging of the mind a perceiving nothing but the True self everyone. There three flowers are used in the worship of Shiva the pure consciousness the only Deva ritualistic worship of an image is no worship.
Atam is the Almighty Lord the only Deva, He is Shiva denoting the Supreme Good. Worship Him always by relating there is no worship other than that.

Answers of Self appraisal:
(1) Bhagavad-Gita
(2) All in one – one in all.
(3) Sweet and benevolent.
(4) Self realized great men.
(5) Illusory, own.

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