Monday, January 18, 2010

Worshipping the Complete and perfect True Self

Lord Shiva says to Sri Vashishtha Muni “O Brahmin Listen to the supreme form of worship that liberates the Jiva from the ocean of Samara. O excellent among Brahmins!
Lotus eyed Vishnu is not the Deva (the Supreme Lord) not is the three eyed Shiva the Deva (the Supreme Lord). Neither Brahmaji, who a thousand eyes is the Deva. And for that matter, none among Pavana (the God of Wind), Surya (the sun God), Agni (the God of Fire) Chandrama (the Moon God) a Brahmin a Kshartiya you or me is the Deva. The Non artificial (nature), Eternal an Infinite Consciousness is the True Deva. The one Natural Eternal and Infinite Consciousness is the Deva. He alone is denoted by the word “Deva” and the worship of Him alone is true worship. To behold one’s True Self as the Imperturbable supreme sovereign power, as the primeval source of all that is and as permeating the entire Creation, is the true worship of that Deva. Those unaware of the True Deva in the form of pure Consciousness are enjoined by the scripture to worship some manifestation of the Deva. One who cannot walk the distance of ten miles at a stretch would do well to cover at least one mile at a time. Similarly, one unable to fathom the Non artificial Supreme Consciousness should at least worship the Deva in some form. One who worships the Deva in some. From One, who worships the Deva is a partial form, ends up attaining a partial where’s one, who worships the Deva in partial form ends up attaining a partial reward; whereas one, worshipping Him in the Non artificial form of supreme Bliss and Infinite Consciousness, finally attains the supreme Self.
Now listen I will tell you what the true nature of that Deva is what constitutes His

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