Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Strength and Health promotion by Consumption of Dry fruits

Dry fruits are natural sources of energy. Mineral elements like iron calcium copper phosphorus etc. are found in it in abundances. Organs like heart brain eyes kidneys muscles intestines etc. get energy by these naturally obtained minerals. Rational for the one’s who are weak and feeble and also for those perform intellectual work and physical labor.
1. Walnuts: Consumption of 10 gms of walnut fried in cow ghee an mixed with misery (surgar candy) improves the memory power. It releases mental fatigue. It is very beneficial in curing T.B if taken after grinding with garlic an frying in cow’s ghee.
Consuming 20 gms of walnut with misri (sugar- candy)and keasr (saffron) mixed in milk is effectives in impotency. Massage with walnut oil rings relief in paralysis of mouth.
2. Fig: Figs increase the blood because they contain large quantity of iron. It also purifies the blood. Vitamin A persent init protects the eyes sight. It has a special capacity of expelling the excreta. Consumption of fig is beneficial in long standing cough asthma T.B acidity in the blood old rheumatism, piles an skin diseases caused due to pitta. Two dry figs dipped in water overnight and taken in the morning an similarly taken in the evening the one dipped in the morning is beneficial in these disorders.
3. Cashew nuts: Cashew nut is soft nourishing wind relieving Pease giving increases digestive capacity and stimulates appetite. Cashew nut consumed along with honey in the morning relieves weakens of the mind. When taken with raisin it increases the blood count. It cures indigestion and swelling of stomach (due to wind) if consumed as chitin (pulp) made by grinding in water. If consumed along with milk it gives strength to the heart brain and circulatory system.
4. Almonds: Almonds is very effective in improving the power and eyesight. It is excellent for relief form flatulence and increasing the seven vital elements (saptdhtu) in the body. Five peeld off almonds (after dipping in water overnight) if consumed by chewing properly with 2-3 black pepper or with milk increase the memory power and eye sight.
Almonds contain phosphorus in abundant measure and thus it strengthens the bones. Almond oil if put in the nostrils gives instant energy to the bring and also relives head ache. Repeating this process continuously for is very beneficial in curing hysteria. A pregnant woman if consumes 10 gms of almond oil with milk and misri (sugar candy) on reaching the ninth month of pregnancy, then her deliver is rendered smooth.
5. Pistachio nut: It is the best amongst all the dry fruits in providing strength to the intestines.
Caution: Intake of dry fruits should essentially be in reasonable quantity and preferably an especially winter only is appropriate

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