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Biography of Saints

On Making False Accusation, Nature Raged with fury
A painful sigh from an innocent heart invites God’s rage. When an offender offence becomes heinous, he get punished immediately. If the offenders previous karma are somewhat good then the gets punished late but one definitely gets the fruits of committing the offences. Even if you don’t what it, you will get it. This is rule of Karma. The Rule of God is very firm. The person who tolerated injustice expiated his negative Karam but the troublemaker’s good karma got destroyed. When the times comes for the troublemaker to face the effects of his negatives karma, it will really be a tough situation.
There was a highly evolved saint who was a householder. His name was Jaideji. Greet Govind was his composition. Once he set out on a journey. A king paid him due respect and presented him with gold, silver coins etc.
Though Jaidevji did not want to take still for the pleasure of the king, he; accepted a few gift without any desire. He proceeded towards his village. When he reached a dense jungle then some dacits attacked him from behind. They snatched all his possessions and cut his limbs and shoved him in a wall. The well did not have much water it was only knee deep. How could he drown in the mire? He fell an d landed as if on la cushion.
Jaidevji says Govind this is also some sport of yours wonder is infinite. Taking like this he started humming God’s name. Meanwhile Lakshamn sen the king gave the command to check the well. On looking into the well the servant found Jaidevji humming a Bhajans. Having received orders form the king he was immediately lifted out from the well.
The king asked Maharaj which evil person has put you in this state? Who hacked your arms and legs? Just issue a command and I will sentence him to death.
That wise an great man said it is nothing. The owner of these limbs cut them. The doer and the one who gets things done is God.
He is one who abides in very heart. He and the one who cut them both are the same.
No no Anyway do tell me. Is then command of the one in whom you have faith is obeyed. You will not raise this topic again.
The king lips were sealed. The kind took to his place. The physicians arrived. Whatever treatment was to be given was done.
With time incident become s old. The king thought of organizing a sacrificial ceremony in which saints and devotes would come form far and wide. His people would get the darshan of these saints thus cleansing their minds, their emotions and their thoughts. May karam and the fruits of karam be fright and may the future be bight.
The sacrificial ceremony was organized Jaidevji was made to sit on the chief throne. The guests arrived. A bharara was arranged. All had their meals. Those same four dacoits thouts, By disguising ourselves as sages in a saints. Bandera we will get offerings. When they came in they were shocked oh The man whose wealth we snatched whose limbs we hacked and whom we threw into the well is today seated on a there that is even that that of the king Now this does not bode well for us. What should we do? We cannot to back and the death ahead is not free to danger.By this time Jaidevji saw those deacots disguised as sages. Hinting at them he said four are my old friends. I have been greatly factored by them. I can never forget their obligation. Whatever offerings you want to give me please hand in over to them.
Now the dacoits are shaking with fear that the truth of our identity is being revealed. Now these are out as couple of breaths. On the otter hand Jaidevji bore good will towards them in his mind.
The king gave them with great respect silver vessels gold coins sweetmeats, clothes etc. Jaideji said Minister Make these great mean cores the jungle and reach their destination.
While walking the minister wonder about how evolved these great men are. He asked them with reverence, Great Men please forgive me for asking, Jaidevji Maharaj hold you in great esteem and the king also honored you. What is your link with Jaidevji?
These four dacoits exchanged glances with each other. They want al little further and wove a story. It so happens that Jaidev is an old friends of ours. We were administrative
Officials in a state. He stole so much wealth that inaner the king gave him a death sentence. But out of compassion we saved him and left him after getting his arms and legs hacked.
Sacred that we would reveal the truth, he has gives us his this grand welcomes to shut out mouths.
Look how scoundrels weave stores The story hadn’t even finished when the Creator count not treated it any more and the earth split. The four blubbered and choked to death. They were burin alive. The Minster was shocked that death can occur like this. He brought back the offerings that had been gives to them. He returned them to the king and narrated the whole incident to him.
The kind told the whole story to Jaidevji with an astonished disputation Maharaj raised both his hacked arms up wards and exclaimed. Oh God you granted those poor begins the refuge of untimely death His eyes welled up with tears. God felt that he bears pity even for such serious offenders. Then God compassion arm s legs becomes whole again. The king as shocked.
He appealed to him with great curiosity Maharaj now tell me the truth who were they.
Now Jaidevji had to reveal the truth. Narrating the whole incident, he said kind I thought they lack money. That is why they commit such serious offences. Who knows in what wombs they will have to be reborn and will have to suffer the firths of theses actions. This time I will make you give them many offering and lots of money so that they don’t repeat these grave crimes. Because when any offered commits an offence. Whether anyone sees it or not his offence gradually engulfs him up. Yet they did not stay away form committing offences and the Creator could tolerate it no more. The earth split because of God’ fury and they got choked to death.
If one treats a person whole is generous, who is a well wisher of humanity unjustly or harm his then he may tolerate it but the Creator definitely punishes the offender, sooner or later.
A slanderer of saint is a brutal butcher; a slanderer o saint is cursed by Transcendent Lord. The hopes of a slanderer of the saints are never fulfilled, the slanderer of the saint departs disappointed.
It you remain worriless peaceful and blissful then the factorable will happen to you. Even if some one does some thing unfavorable to you. Sooner or later naught will change that person behavior and that person will becomes conformable towards you. If the person does even in fourteen universes and what is person left with if he lacks peace? He meets complete destruction. There is no peace in the dying no worriless sleep an night and there is no tranquility in the heart. Whatever else he possesses is of no value.

Pujyashree’s Address at the Annual Conference of ‘Rishi Prasad’
On the occasion of Uttarayan Shivir the annual conference of Rishi Prasad sevadharis was solemnized in the pious land of lord Mahakaleshwar, Ujjain. In it pujyashree’s said in his utterly intimate address.
It is very great sever to link people to God and to the words of saints. Even a political leader does sever winning acclaim or for flattery, even a dog swing its tail on seeing a loaf of bread but carrying out seva selflessly enduring honor and insult, heart and cold storms and calamites not was ego trip but for divine love not for power or popularity but for humanity with auspicious feelings for al creatures is really a stupendous achievement.”

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