Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Case Should be registered against the person who lodged a False F.I.R. against Bapu

Sahib Singh Chauhan, Legislator, Chief whip of the Opposition, Delhi:
A conspiracy has been going on against Bapu for a long time. Don’t’ mistake Bapu for any ordinary human being. He is a distinguished great man who has never cared for himself or his family.
His experience is the whole world is my family. For a person whose mind is pervaded with the one thought that right form an ant to an elephant, God and only God resides in every living being; for one who beholds God in each and every individual. How can we believe that such a person can hurt anyone? The F.I.R. lodged against His is false.
From here i.e. from the capital of India I also what to caution the Government of the shameless arbitrariness of the legal system in Gujarat. That should be stopped immediately. Attaching saints an sages with sticks, pulling their hair hitting them while making them run desperately this is not only an insult to saints it is an insult to every individual of Hindustan.
For one who is always engaged in the welfare of Advises and the poverty stricken; for one who gets thousands of Bal Sanskar kendras opened to provide values to small children; thought whom mothers and sisters get educated on morals and restrains; from whose inspiration massages of humanness are given even by going right in the midst of offenders to make such distrusting maneuvers against such a saint as Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu is a challenge for all of us. These maneuvers are not only against Bapuji we should understand them to be against all saints. They seem to have becomes a kind of custom in India.I make a request that F.I.R. Lodged against Bapu should be investigated by C.B.I A case should be registered against whoever has lodged a false F.I.R. and the person should be thrown behind bars. I respect the law but I would also like to tell that Furan’s mean satiated newspaper that in orders to create some imaginary situation out of create some imaginary situation out of greed you publish such news keeping a specific aim in mind even that news is not above the law. A case should be registered even against them this is my request. No saint no ascetic expects anything from any such newspaper. It is a legal offense to publish any type of news that is baseless inciting that deludes people and that spreads religious fanaticism. One should think a thousand times before saying anything against saints.
Pujya Asaram Bapuji aura is such that whenever any devotee thinks of Him, He manifests Himself in the devotees heart. Such are the saints and sages, the wealth of out country. They are the embodiment of sacrifice. Their penance, their contemplation is for the welfare of manking.
I know the kind of disgusting news that mean sported newspapers has published and I even have the information that it has got exposed thought the Sting Operation. The truth that has becomes evident cannot be falsified. But many times it hurts brothers Unless the axe consisted of a wooden handle it cannot cut a tree. And in out country this has been going on we have always lived divined. It gets too late till we recognize saints and sages. For some petty greed we get treaded in some or the others intrigue and take such a step. I consider Asaramji Bapu and His devotes as visibly gold personified God.
The king of conspiracy going on in Gujarat. The way in which that ignoble newspapers has been made a weapon in the conspiracy against Asaram Bapuji isn’t all this right in from of the Government? By now a case should have been closed down.
The ones conspiring against the ashram who have got exposed in the sting Operation C.D and those who are associated with them they should be investigated. The truth about them should be revealed about how they have hatched the conspiracy.
Chaudhary Mateen Ahmed, Legislator, The rumours that are being spread about Bapu Asaramji the false accusation Him; if this is what happens to saits then what will happen to others. Some people say that Bapu Asaramji and other saints have made so many ashrams. So who stays in the ashrams?
Who eats in the ashrams? Who takes advantage of the ashrams? Bapu doesn’t take advantage of them people of the country who get benefited the devotees who stay eat, sleep there and get educated. If the cowherd is functioning them who stay in the cowshed? The cows stay there and the educational institutes that are running who study there? Bapu Asaramji family members don’t get educated there is for the other people. In the whole country there are crores of people who long for Him who be liven in Him. Bapu tells nice tings gives goods messages by which people get peace. If such injustice is meted out to Him them in would say that however much this is condemned it is not enough.
I vehemently oppose this and make a request that all such false evacuations against Bapu should be stopped immediately and a C.B.I. enquiry should be made to reveal the truth. And with this an incorrect messages is being transmitted. If such scandals and accusations can be raised cases can be lodged and such lights like imprisoning a great ascetic like Bapu a renunciate in whom crores of people have faith can come them no human being will consider himself or herself secure and well will lose faith kin the legal system.
I request the Central Government the Government of Gujarat that you are doing your work keep doing it; you are doing politics keep doing it keep becoming M.L.A, M.P. Chief Minister and Minister. But for those who are doing good work for society and society and society adores them and have faith kin them according to me there is no need to harass them. On the others hand we should revered them. I am in full support of Bapuji in this whole case. Wherever you feel my need you will find me standing by you.

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