Monday, February 8, 2010

Fragrance of Satsanga

God the Supreme Servant!
It is impossible to find a servant like God even if one were to search in the whole of Creation. God is undoubtedly our lord and master but he is also an unparalleled our Lord and master but he is also an unparalleled servant. How devotedly He serves us Mother gives birth to our body but there can be no attendant like the mother to take care of us. Similarly we can’t find a servant or attendant like God. In spite of being so full of immense potencies, the Lord serves us in ways that are beyond imagination.
The lord is ready to be your servant your friend your mother or your father at your choice. O Lord you are great There is none like You God omnipresence God’s feasibility benevolence God’s affection, protection and His unsurpassed love. He is beyond my capability to describe the perfections of God! Even if there are one thousand orators of the like of Ashram each having a thousand tongues, They can not fully describe the Lord divine sport lord’s service to us and the Lord benevolence.
My devotion was at the initial stage when I renounced everything and challenged him I renounced everything and challenged Him saying.
Thought He of not going anywhere:
And having His meal sitting there:
Whoever has concern will Himself bring:
The Creator Himself will bring me food, Such things are said to a servant not to a master. Once as I recollected this incident during the days of my sadhana I gave myself a mild reproof. I thought I renounced everything and challenged the creator of the Universe He somehow arranged food for me. It is His nobility; it is His kindliness. If nobody had brought food for two three days and instead I had can vested by scoundrels or snakes at the command of God what could an then laughed heartily that how benevolent the Lord is How much he cares if a child tells his mothers I will not eat whoever is concerned will feed me will the mother beat him up or keep him hungry?
Nay she will feed the child even if she has to cajole him for the purpose. So there can be no attendant like the mother. Same is the case with god. The Lord is our protector and nourished; and He is omnipotent. He can do everything. He is the most benevolent friend of all beings. It is said about him the disinterested friends of all beings, if you know an heartily convince yourself of this fact you will be at peace. Whatever the lord does is for lour good. He makes us encounter enemies to rid us of egotism and carelessness. He makes us meet friends and good people to fill our hearts with love an nobility. He undulates in all kinds of divine sport and imparts us the knowledge of Brahman thorough the Sad guru and thereby make us jivanmukta (one who is liberated while living). One who started his like as a drop of semen in made Brahman. Isn’t this His mercifulness or is this someone trick. This body started its journey as a drop of semen then He made available to us good leering staging its journey as a drop of semen the he made available tours good learning Satsanga and golden opportunities and somehow brought us to the state where we can bully Him. How greater is the Lord that He respecter even out bullying. What a compassion How greatly mercury.
The Lord is a servant He is a friends too::

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