Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Conscience Kindlers

Remove Titles and Become Infinite
If a wave tries to find water it will be very difficult. But if it subsides and then it tires to find water, it will realize that first it is water and then a wave. If an ornament goes is seek gold it will learn that it is first gold and then an ornament. An earthen pot on trying to seek finds it is itself first clay and then an earthen pot. Similarly first we are soul and then individuals then we are Gujarati, Sindhi Marathi; or Town Head member of parliament, Ph D.D. Lit. etc.
Particulars of casters positions or status etc. make us limited. You belong to the wider human kind but by focusing on being an Indian, your identity gets reduced to a fraction . By considering yourself belongion to Uttar Pradesh in India, you further confine your ambit. Yet again by believing yourself as belonging to Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, you delimit yourself ever or. In Lucknow also you consider yourself to have such and such a degree thus separation yourself form the rest to the people.
Nation is a large territory. Referring to the state of Maharashtra Mumbai Nagpur etc.
Your perspective gets narrowed. Regarding oneself as belonging to Uttarachal makes him get cut off from India making his outlook even smaller. Now if you talk of Haridwar within Uttarachal it gets still smaller. From Haridwar you separate yourself to ‘Har Ki Pauri’ to further make it narrower In Har Pauri on the sight side of Brahmkund my seat is on the let of Juggu Temple priest an my name is so and so Temple priest, M.A B.Ed. Get rituals performed by me.
Now the Temple priest thinks he holds a big title but by narrowing it down he has definitely becomes confined to smallness.
As your titles keep increasing in that proportion your keep getting circumscribed and pettier. By forgetting your all pervading nature you became entangled in the web of my and mine and bound in the trap of birth and death.
It is fine if you maintain titles in practice but intermittently shun all titles and recall your relationship with that all pervading supreme self. When you go out you dress up wear tie, shows etc, but when you came home and remove all this then it fells so relaxing. Similarlay all the phantoms of I belong to go and so status, I am this I am that that your mind is possessed with remove all these and like an innocent child sit down an reflect on without ceremonial wedding I am yours.
If you have God idol it is okay even if you don’t that will also do. If you can light a lamp it fine if not do not bother. If you have a picture of or Swastika then it is okay. Else you can gaze at the pervading sky. Appropriating the purpose of the mantra recitation lovingly pronounce Omkar in an elongated way. Taking God name is not counted for an action but as a call.
Practice this technique of ten minutes daily for forty days. You will finds a tremendous change and benefit. You get so much help in merging with the all permeating one. Bound in false names, forms, positions and posts and heading towards pettiness man thus finds so much ease in reaching his fundamental all pervading nature Let me see does it make a difference or not don’t have doubts like this . You will surely benefit… the more lovingly you do this and the more faith you have the more you will benefit.
It is faith which gives fruit. By gossiping watching films the happiness you get is artificial sensual. It will ensnare you in ht world. The happiness you get form God love By calling out to God that is real joy blissful joy. With true joy. With true joy your intellect sharpens your wisdom increases; God beauty, love and power get manifested within you.
Just start calling out to God lovingly, in the morning and evening. If you afford to do this two three times during the day that is even better. Then you will realize than your time which was getting wasted due to false arrogance associated with false titles that same time is now being saved and utilized in merging with Truth personified supreme Being in becoming pervasive, in making you rich the true joy of the soul Then gradually the habit of getting immersed in the real happiness will increase and by merging with All pervading Brahman, you will attain liberation while living.
“One who in anticipation of a good future allows an available opportunity to slip away finds it very difficult to get the opportunely again even if he be willing to avail of it.
(Mahabharata Shanti parva;)
Forgiveness is the strength of the weak: it is the ornament of the strong, Forgiveness is enchanting what great thing is there in the world that cannot be accomplished with forgiveness?”

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