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Satsang News

(Rishi Prasad Correspondent)
Debilitating all the uncertainties on account of several controversies Pujya Bapuji, reached Ahmedabad on 1st Dec, for poonam darshan programme. The number of devotes that had gathered this time for revered pujyashree’s pious darshan was fir larger than that of the previous times. The ache & distress on account of the torture affected on the inmates of the Ashram could easily be perceived on every countenance. When such was the plight of the devotees then who can fathom the unfathomable agony & anguish of revered Sadguru who sustains the compassionate heart of thousands of mothers! Perhaps His deep seated commiseration was poonam darshan programme, solemnized in an incredible solitude & composure,
Rohini Delhi, 2nd to 4th December: An enormous gathering of devotees assemble for programme of revered sadgurudev. Espousing the marvelous magnificence of Satsang, pujyashree’s said, The yield of our actions becomes visible after wards. We make endeavor to earn and purchase our required to seek its meritorious affects in the paradise. During the performance of yajna We endure the heart of sacred fire only to reap the circuitous efforts afterwards. But the marvelous effects of satsang are perceived immediately & instantly to garnt perfection in the long Run. We reap the harvest of satsang instantaneously. Our endeavor to sit in the supreme tranquility & blissfully listening to the satsang with rapt attention for an hour is no less an achievement in self . Above all this blissful hour was expended in an excellent manner which was free form any gossip worry ache or anguish.
Wrapping up all other activities after this satsang Programme pujyashree’s enjoyed the blissfulness of supreme solitude for some time,. Millions devotes availed the magnificence of His supreme Blissfulness of solitude either thought the internet satsang or through telephonic discourses. This ambrosial stream of satsang that was laden with the amazing heights of supreme realty with the lusciousness of devoting and the technique of transforming the course of action into Karma yoga” imbued the aspirants with various celestial hue & colors.
Pujyashree’s said While carry outing the thoughts of supermen accomplishment if you follow the path of righteousness through austerity & ethical self restriction you will attain the realm of suspicions not only for you individual self but also for those who come in contact with you. Out history substantiates this fact by citing several names like Shabri Ravisasji and Meera etc, who becomes exemplary for not only arriving at the supreme accomplishment of their reverential names verses & discourse. Innumerable kudos to the names who tread the righteous path even at the cost of enduring great peace & austerity!””
From 25th December to 27th December. A Dhyanyaogna Sadhan Shivir (a mediation camp) was organized at Surat. For the past several days the opponents & antagonists who has been indulging in denigration & ill accusation of pujya Bapuji had virtually left no tome unturned in the depraved promulgation. To their frustration their malevolence could neither oscillate the enduring faith nor reateard the zeal of the devotes. The mediations camp of Surat Stands a testimony to this fact. The mere presence of millions of ardent devotees in the camp seemed to be an adequate acknowledgment that acted as a huge blow to the iniquity of these immoral promulgators.
A firm belief in the Supreme Contrition can only render a society Vigorous& culture one. Vehemently reithyerating this fact, pujya Bapuji said, The social attunement secured though the supreme paradigm is always the bees on which in tune leads to the supreme attainment. In contrary to this those who keep away from the supreme constitution an evade the righteous path ultimately steer clear of the celestial path. Such hapless being not only shun the divine direction but also becomes defecting of peace in the society. Therefore such unfortunate begins keep hankering after the temporal pleasures of life through various addictions. Ultimately in their pursuit to gain pleasure, thy find them selves addicted to wine paan maslas etc. Their addictions give birth to ill habits and finally the impressions thus formed pave way for their lower births.
29th December Moletha Ashram (Guj) Devotees from Moletha Sardar server Bharuch and around availed the unexpected ambrosial satsang & darshan of pujyashree’s. During a dialogue with the devotes an interesting fact came to light that on account l fo the evil campaign by the antagonist people from all walks of life, whether an intellectual ingenuous labor class or any other class parasitically everyone heart is deeply enthused by the fallings of sum path, deference and amity. The conspirators or contenders may blow their own trumps but in the eyes of the public they becomes despicable & commiseration amongst general public is uneatable. 30th December & 31st December, Ahmedabad Ashram:: The devotes were blessed with Satsang & Poonma darshan. Elucidating the philosophical enigma of life, Pujya Bapuji said Visible an perceptible pain or pleasure is nothing else but elusive& deceptive. He fathered His revelation & said He who wants to gain pleasure by tormenting others verily hand one who relives the pain of other fellow beings attains the blissfulness of the supreme Lord not no only in paradise but on this earth also.
On 31st Dec & 1st Jan 10 Faridabad (Haryana):: The Dussehra ground was turned unto an infinite stretch of human oven by the countless decodes & Poonant vratdharis. While unraveling the blunder at the very foundation of running la rat’s race of the sake o comforts & pleasure of life, Pujya Bapuji said in spite of immense wealth means till or endeavor on life there is need to decipher the objects purpose direction or location of the entire human effort. Everyone want to secure pleasure and avoid pain in life. But the worthless objects off gaining pleasure though wealth spouse or other like and dislike does not let it happen. Let the endeavor be made on a judicious & realistic objective. Thereafter the bills will never evade and pain will never perpetuate itself. This time during Bapuji’ bliss of solitude the residents of Faridabad town immensely benefited form pujyashree pious vicinity & satsang. During His three day stay in the town the devotes thronged in a series of succession. Elucidating the maxim, A lone example is better then a hundred precepts in His exemplar style pujya Bapuji said in hid Many officials try to establish intimacy with leaders in command for their vested interest But the establishment of supreme intimacy with the Lord bestows the being not only with celestial blissfulness and angelic characteristics but also cause the Nature to act in harmony. Even after endearing innumerable leaders buteasruects and relatives people remain devoid of fulfillment their time & energy inactivating those who were nothing else but an epitome of imperfection. It is advisable to enchant Him who is the embodiment of perfecting. Take a dive in the supreme exvallence Captivate Him and you ill find the entire world railing behind you. A lone example is better then a hundred precepts enthrall the Indweller of your mind. Ascertain the sole aim of your life, the Supreme contemplation the supreme devotion the supreme knowledge & the supreme attainment. There after you find the entire scope span of nature gods dogs celestial musicians mythical beings air water, fire the directions etc. everything becoming endogenous harmonious & melodious to you because everything is the creation of the Lord only. Hence the God realization His supreme devotion and bliss will synchronize every earthly or eternal accomplishment.
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