Monday, February 15, 2010

Yellow Journalism Cannot Last Long

Whether it is ‘Sandesh’ or any other Newspaper
There is word yellow journalism (unprincipled, corrupt, Sensational Journalism). This kind of journalism cannot survive for a long time. It certainly has to get exposed be it Sandesh or any other newspaper.
I want to ask all these newspapers that if they wish to do good to the country then to what extent have they exposed the conspiracies (crimes) being perpetrated against the country like business of addictive drugs in Kutch district of Gujarat, printing counterfeit currency. Jehakdi (war fought by Muslims against unbelievers) terrorism plots of the Christian missionaries?
Vomiting poison against a saint who is revered across the world is this their priority Bapuji is such a saint who is followed by lakhs of people wherever he goes. This can be one of the reason of harboring envy against him and an international conspiracy is clearly backing it to finish off the Hindu society in furtherance of which they malign the ones who are the very bases of the Hindu society. Saint are the soul and life of the Hindu society. They are aware that It will be easy to destroy the Hindu society by offending the saints. You might have noticed that the ones who have been noticed that the ones who have been anti Hindus in the past whether foreign invaders or a part of our politics, on order to attack Hindus their very first targets has been Hindu temples and Hindu saints. I think that to day they also work with a similar stratagem and intention inconformity to an international conspiracy, in order to wipe out the faith of the Hindu society towards Hindu society towards Hindu saints. Once this is accomplished it will be easy to destroy the Hindu society later.
Two types of movements are initiated in the society. Some of them are stared by the intellectuals and the society follows them India is an example wherein the movement is launched by the society and is joined by the intellectuals later. When the society of the entry country will seem to stand by pujya Asaram ji, the this class of intellectuals which is keeping silence now or is seen fabricating varied arguments against Bapuji, I can assure you by citing illustrations form history that they all will be seen trying to please Pujya Asaramji Bapu and offering obeisance at His feet. The times is not far off. These all are baseless people. Without caring for them we should try to unite the society and when we shall start a movement amidst the society the these people will also support our movement.
Out Modi rule Bapu never said like this rather the media persons by inserting fabricated words are blowing the issue out of proportion showing merely Bapu face on heir channels. The false utterances by the anchors and reporters do not carry weight. When I was the Chief Minster of M.P I put up at Bapu’s ashram and during my entire service period, I never came across any complaint of illegal activities regarding the ashram through the administration or C.I.D. I consider Bapu as my father. The allegations on Bapu are baseless and I take allegations on Bapu are baseless and I take upon myself it guaranteed. No mysterious activities are carried out in Bapu’s organization. Everything is done openly. Bhajans devotions songs, sat snags prayer and mediation; these are the activities carried out over here. They have clear activates focused on helping people get rid of their evil habits, in serving cows, etc. So we should in fact stand by such saints like Asaramji Bapu in their undertakings concerned with the interest of the society.

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