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Elixir of Faith

Guard your Faith (Excerpts from pujya Bapuji Satsang)
Once as fire was put to a pottery kiln, it came to be know that there were kittens in one of the pots. God was fervently entreated. When the fire died out the kittens came out unarmed. Parhald was a witness to his incident an his heart was filled with love and devotion to God. Impressions of Satsang were laying dormant prahld’s heart. They were awakened and the incident convinced prahlad that he (the Supreme Being) alone is the essence of life. Prahlad got detached from the world the turned towards devotion. When prahlad got under way onto the path of God, he met with stiff opposition. How could the demon king Hiranyakashipu the arch enemies of do gods tolerate that a demon boy should engage himself in Bhakti of lord Vishnu? Yet Prahlad was undeterred and continued to perform Bhakti. His father scolded him, reproached him subjected him to frightening threats from fierce looking executioners. Caused him to fierce looking executioners caused him to be thrown form mountain tops and into the sea; yet Prahld’s faith was unshaken. Hiranyakashipu made several attempts to kill Parhald.
Prahlad would think, Lord’s Sri Hari saved the kitten from the fire raging all around them. An I not child? He will save me too. Prahlad surrendered himself to the lord. His father caused him to be thrown from mountain tops but he remained unhurt. Hiranyakashipu caused him to be thrown into the sea but he as not drowned. Finally, Hiranyakashipu go an iron pillar ardently heated and said to Prahlad. You say your Lord is omnipresent and omnipotent. If it is so he is there in this iron pillar as well. Embrace it. If he is omnipotent he should be able to manifest here itself.
Prahlad embraced the red hot iron pillar with utmost faith. The Lord appeared there in the form of Lord Nrishimha (half man: half lion). When hedonism becomes preponderant and vile men start increasingly tyrannising good people the omnipotent Lord can appear anywhere and in any form. The Lord appearing in the form of Lord Nrishimha killed Hiranyakashipu and sent him to own abode. The Lord crowned Parhald as the demon king and disappeared. Prahlad got the Lord’s darshan but had not yet realized god in truth. God realization is miles ahead of getting His darshan.
A few years clasped the preceptor of the demons deceived Prahlad, Prahlad Lord Vishnu killed your father without reason. You sought refuge and protection from Him but had you asked the Lord to kill your father. When you had not asked the lord to kill your father. Why should he have done so? If the Lord really loved you. He could have gives wiser sense to your father. Why did he kill Him.
Now Parhald did have faith in Lord Vishnu but if the devotee comes into the company of the ones who shake the faith and fails to exercise caution his faith sometimes gets quivered. A sadhak comes across many people who try to shake his faith. find someone who tries to shake his faith in the Lord in the Guru in Satsang. In sadhana or in guru mantra. Even one’s own mind may play devil at times and shake one’s faith y argumentative reasoning. Therefore, in order to maintain the steadfastness in faith the sadhak should guard against depraved company and follies of the mind.
Shukrachary the demon preceptor succeeded in shaking Prahlad faith.
He says Lord Vishnu killed your father; still you worship him foolish what a blind faith.
If somebody tells a devotee, what a blind faith he will defend his faith and try to prove that his faith is true not blind. But the words of the sceptic do cause a storm in his mind. Words do make an impact on the mind sooner or later. Therefore lord Shiva provider us with the protective shield if someone criticizes the Guru drive him away from that place or if that place or if that is not possible leave the place yourself.
Shukrachary if you so advise I will take revenge on Lord Vishnu.
Prahlad mobilizes force against lord Vishnu and challenges the Lord the come I will teach you’re a lesson.
The lord cannot allow the devotees to be affected with vanity or to slide into degradation. The merciful Lord donned the form of an old Brahmin with frail body hunched back. Clothed in white attire and leaning on a stick the Lord proceeded to Prahlad royal court. As the Lord reached the gate to the royal court, the gatekeeper stopped him saying Brahmin Right now, Prahlad is preparing for battle. Darshan of a sadhu is considered inauspicious at this time.
The Lord said I have heard that prahlad holds sadhu and Brahmins in great reverence and you are preventing me form going to him.
The gatekeeper said prahlad is not the same as he used to be now he ahs become vigilant. Shukrachary has conselled him. Now he ahs got ready to settle old scores with Lord Vishnu. He no longer respects sadhu and Brahmins. Brahmin you should better go ways.
Brother now whatever be the consequence I will not go back without meeting Prahlad. If you don’t allow me to go inside. I will lay down life her itself and you will be guilty of killing a Brahmin.
Convincing the gatekeeper somehow the lord arrived in front of Parhald. After customary salutations the lord in the Brahmin guise said to prahlad, May you be blessed prahlad I am told you want to avenge revenge on Him on my pat as well. He has ruined me too.
The Brahmin spoke against Lord Vishnu. Prahlad was pleased and seated the Brahmin but his side. The conversation went on.
The Brahmin asked you went to take revenge on Lord Vishnu. Do you know where he lives.
He is omnipresent. He abides in the hearts of all beings.
Prahlad you fool How will you kill the one who is omnipresent and abides in the hearts of all beings. You appear to be a dumb fellow quite like me Beguiled by Shukrachary you have embraced on a suicidal course. I am planting this stick in the ground. Pull it out. If you can do that I will accept that you can wage war against lord Vishnu.
The Lord in the guise of Brahmin embedded His stick in the ground. Prahlad descended form the throne. He tried to pull the stick out first with one hand then with both hands and then with all his might. In the process he had to bend and apply force. His prana (breathing process) attained a degree of rhythm.
His verity was slightly alleviated. It dawned upon him that the Brahmin could not be an ordinary person. He did already have traits of Bhakti. As soon as the superficial dirt of evil influences was wiped off, prahlad spoke with reverence to the Brahmin Please tell men who you are.
The Lord smiled, one who does not know himself can not know me properly. One Who does not know himself and me is hustled around by Maya (lord delusive power) like dry leaves and straws. Prahlad you have given a go by to wise sense and have allowed foolhardiness to prevail on you. That has made you agitated and miserable. One embarking upon a disastrous course is always miserable.
These kind words of the merciful Lord made prahlad revognise the Lord. He threw himself on the Lord feet and begged his pardon. But the lord who ahs compassion for His devotees said prahlad Rather I seek forgiveness from you. Yu have mobilized such a huge force to kill me.
Prahlad remained undeterred form the path of Bhakti is spite of all kinds of tyrannies inflicted by his father being thrown from mountain top and into the sea and the like. But the same Prahlad under evil influences instilled gradually by Shukrachary in him, resolved to wage war against Lord Vishnu. So long as one does not realize God as the all pervading Ultimate Truth which alone ditches him from the mind and does ways with individuality his faith remains unsteady; his state of mind undergoes frequent changes. Jay and Vijay the gatekeepers of Vaikuntha, The abode of Lord Vishnu, used to get darshan of the Lord every day but in the absence of realization of God (in His Essence) they had to be born on the earth three times. Prahlad had darshan of the Lord he also knew that the Lord is omnipresent. But that knowledge was no the mental plane. The knowledge on the mental plane is conditioned b circumstance, by good or bad company. Realization of Ultimate Truth is immutable.
When the faith of the likes of Prahlad can be shaken by evil company lesser mortals like us must guard against such atmosphere, individuals and traits that detract us from path of sadhana, of Bhakti, from faith noble deeds and mental calmness.

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