Thursday, February 25, 2010

Venerable Parents are Foremost to be Adored

(Excerpts from Pujya Bapuji Satsnag)
A father was sitting with his son on his lap. A crow came sat on the pavement of the balcony. The son asked the father, papa What is this?”
This is a crow.
The son asked again, What is this?”
The father replied agisn, The is a crow.”
The son asked several times Papa What is this?
And the father replied each time with all affection, this is a crow my son’
Years passed by and the father grew old. One day the father was sitting on a mat. Somebody came to meet his son. The father asked. Who was he?”
The son told him the name of the visitor. After a while another man came and father asked agisn who he was. The son got annoyed and yelled at the father, why don’t you quiet. You have nothing to do. What businesses do you have with who has come and who has gone? Why do you keep poking your nose everywhere?
The father sighed supporting his head with both hands and said in a low painful voice, you are so annoyed at my asking some thing once your used to ask the same question tens of times yet I never rebuked you I replied you many times, Dear son it is a crow.
Children you should never scorn your parents. They are to be venerated. It is your bounden duty to give them respect. Your parents have nurtured you with affection bearing all king of hardships. You cannot even imagine what desists yurt parents must have suffered for you sake since your birth. You mother has slept several nights in wet while making your sleep in dry. They brought your up enduring son many hard ship and no you feel difficulty in uttering two words of affection floor your old parents. Once feels ashamed in calling his own father as father.”
Following is an accidence which happened a few years back. The son of a farmer was pursing his studies in law while staying at Allahabad. The father would convey to him ghee. Gur (raw sugar) rice pulse etc. from his home so that the may get ghee and other things and may remain healthy.
Once the son was having his breakfast of tea bread with his friends. In the meatiness the farmer reached there. His dhoti was torn was wearing leather shoes and was holding a stick stooping over it his waist. He dismounted the bundle. The son thought, The old man may ruin my relation Meanwhile his friends asked who is this old man?
Son he is my savant. The son said it very softly but the father some how heard it. He said I accept that I am a servant but not his rather his mother Hence I brought all this.
This is the result of English education that one is feeling ashamed or is getting embarrassed in calling his father inform of his friends Shun such English education and ostentation which takes you away from you culture.
Sixty two years have passed since India become impendent but the slavery to Englishmen has still not left the mind and heart.
Father is after all father, in what ever condition he many be. Prahlad refers lo his father demon Hiranyaskhipu who gave him son many trundles as putashri and don’t you feel ashamed in reefing your father who brings you up and nourishes you while utterly exerting himself as servant.
Indian Culture attributes the parent as gods Many the mother be the God. May the father by thy God If we being born in such divine culture instead of paying reverence to parents start expressing disdain towards them and that too by being under the influence of western voluptuous culture; How fat is it right? Lord Gansesh became theorems revered solely by circumambulating His parents. Even today Sri Ganeshji is worshipped first in every religious ceremony. Shravan Kumar never cared for the hardships while serving his parents and finally gave up his life while serving them. Dev vrat Bhisham observed the vow of celibacy thought-out sake of his father pleasure and becomes world famous. You have also been born in the pious land of Great Men. Then parent show endure innumerable adversities and sacrifice their own comfits for the ske of their children, Deserve utmost reverence, Serve them to become blessed. A saint has rightly remarked.
The one who serves hi parents, Need not visit hold places or do japa.
The once how serves his parents and pays them respect becomes honored forever. I served my parents and guru and the benefit which incurred from it cannot be described in words. Narayan.. Narayan.
The children who do not respect their parents cannot ever achieve their goals in life. On the contrary those who reverse their parents achieve greatness and bring pride to their parents and nation. But it is not necessary to obey such commands of the parents or fringes which forbid us from moving on the path of the Lord.
The one who doesn’t adore Ram Vaidenhi; Abandon him as a crores enemy though he many be your most loved one.
Ego; The cause of Pleasure and pain..
So long as the body is there it require a shelter for itself. It may be a palace the Gurus ashram or a thatched hut in the jungle. Fro the egoless all the three types of shelter are equal; and for the egotistic sit is impossible to remind unattached with any shelter. One living in palace will develop the ego I am a king an one living in a hut or ashram will develop the ego I am a great ascetic so the cause of pleasure or pain is verity the ego that desires to possess or renounce. There is not difference of relative value indistinct objects. There forest to renounce a condition, driven by accretion lands takes shelter in another. Out of attachment is indicative of nothing but a tendency of self assertiveness. Because the causes of pleasure an pain attachment an aversion respectively and both of them spring form the ego hence one should renounce ego. This in effect leads to the renunciation of all and one is blessed with liberation unasked for the same.

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