Monday, March 1, 2010

What is your Emotional Disposition?

(Excerpts forms Pujya Bapuji’s Satsnag)
When you remember the Lord He also remembers you because He is the Consciousness. Thinking about money or possession does not make them remember you as these are inert materials. If you think about you chive it will not come and meet you. However, remembrance of God will make Him come in His own and meet you. Shabri remembered god. The lord enquired about her and reached her dwelling (the lord accepts your feeling). Meera remember God an for her. Poison became nectar. Based on your emotional diction towards Him, the lord (resisting in every heart) is capable of appearing before you in any form, any where. What is only needed is being emotionally disposed towards Him, Obeisance’s an worship of gods goddesses, Of their image; respect and worship of the of the parents and Guru is a way to manifest the divine feeling knowledge an bliss in jour mind.
Our emotional disposition has great significance, Think of a betel nut. Some one is disposed towards eating it some one want to make by selling and some other person would use it for worship. Who world benefit the most from this betel nut no want to eat it or the one who wants to sell it or the one going to worship it? The Beal nut is just an object produced by nature. By worshipping it we create a divine feeling in put it to trivial use. By selling it we may make profit at by worshipping it as an image of Lord Ganeshji we benefit immensely. The remains the same a betel nut. It is your choice to either derive pleasure by eating it or earn profit by selling it or be blessed by worshipping it. It you become a pleasure seeker. It you see in it an image of Lord Ganpati you become a worshipper a bhakta. And ultimately if you realize the ones in the essence of the betel nut an yourself you are the Brahman.
In the same manner it your derive worldly benefits form the Guru your mind is pleasure seeking. However you can immensely benefit it you pay obeisance to the Guru thinking in the precepts of the Guru and living by it.
By imaging Lord Ganpati in the betray nut it will reciprocate your feelings by blessing you that you became liberated or free of worry. It will not start preaching you. Your mantel state will be a result of your own feeling. How ever if you behold the Divine the Brahman in the Guru and express gratitude towards Him, He will reciprocate with blessings for your emancipation he will shower his grace. You will be blessed with exalted Satsnag and experience bliss. The benefit derived form the same betel nut changes Basel on how you view it. Similarly. How you benefit from the Guru depends on how you behold him, you behold him. The feeing and intention behind actions also lead to different result. Action involving affection aversion bind us. Actions based on thoughts of welfare and benefit of others, are liberating. For instance consider a wicker person who is engaged in destroying dharma sanskriti and human values. He is engaged in evil actions that bind. If such an evil person is setaced to death with the intention of his betterment, the judge will not have committed a sin. The judge thoughts o lord this personal cannot reform in this birth so I m sentencing him to death as service unto You makes his action a righteous one. His metal state will become exalted. However if the judge delivers his judgment due to ill will He does not belong to my faction but an dreary faction so I shall give him death sentence his action will bend him.
Action carried out with intention of others welfare and sense of equanimity liberate you form the fruits to action. Action inspired by selfish motives for grabbing power or authority or based on ill will bind you to its consequences, Action for others good weaken our attachment towards and fill our heart with the joy of magnanimity and fulfillment. On the contrary actions that usurp others rights increase our attachment towards rights increase our attachment towards the samaras and bind us to the frits of your action.
What your sow so shall you reap. Whatever you give whosoever you give in a sprit of divinity love and faith. Perform every action with love as a services to the Lord and behold the Supreme Lord in everyone. Then your every action will become worship of the Lord.
Atheisms and Theisms
Beholding world in god (supreme Self) is atheism because in reality world does not exist. Beholding God in world is theism because in reality only god exists. The atheist is sadhakas (aspirant). It is the theist who is blessed not the atheist because his way is opposite.
When one beholds worlds in God only world is seen not God and when one beholds God in the world only God is seen not the world. The means to see God in the world is considering the things of the world as the mesas to serve and the people as the manifestation of God and serving them with those things and bringing them happing.
When people are considered as the manifestation of God and served with the things them the world will disappear and only God will get revealed which means. All is nothing but God will be experienced. Just as when the illusion snake in the rope still remains same way when the illusion of world goes the worlds disappears and the God certainly remains. World is perceived according to our belief where as existence of God is the Reality.

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