Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Always Keep Away form Bad Company

-Sri Udiya Babaji Maharaj
The man gets endowed with a variety of virtues by keeping the company of good men, while the company of a depraved and wicked one makes him vicious. The association with great men or saints or union with the supreme self is called satsang. The saints hold person and learned ones instill moral rectitude in people and learned one instill moral rectitude in people through talking on topics conducive to their welfare in this world and also the next while the depraved ones will prompt the ones coming to him to get addicted to their evil tendencies consequently fouling their both the worldly. There fore it has been prescribed in the religious scriptures that one should on no account live in the company of addicts, atheists and vicious ever for a moment.
Ideal parents are the one who inculcate in their children the moral values as or right conduct truth fullness and righteousness and the children have undergone moral degradation since the time we stopped doing this. Thus special emphasis must be laid upon moral values.
Our (India) mothers and saints used to guide at every step, the children and youths morally. Things related to practical like one should not have meals during sandhya (I.e. during sun rise noon and sun set) should eat silently should wash ones legs and hands before eating should eat facing towards east in a pure place and that tarsi (impure) food is strictly prohibited, such routine teachings were known tours as acquired traits. But the ill effects of English language and the increasing desire for worldly pleasure has started to deprave our younger generation. Thus the children and youngsters should be educated in the divine language, Sanskrit, Efforts should be made to keep them away form getting allured by feeing language dress and customs of eating drinking.
Virtuous qualities are acquired only through Satsnag. One gets to attain God through satsang. Unless we tread the path taken by the great men we cannot attain God. The company of the wicked even for a few seconds destroys the virtuous traits amassed over a period of time and he easily succeeds of enticing as towards vices. Thus should at all costs keep away the ones always entangled in worldly toils.
Devotion to the Sadguru kindles detachment and dispassion towards worldly objects and fosters fragrance of love for god. All disciples wish to serve their Sadguru but in their own chosen way. However no one wants to serve the Sadguru the way He would like it. The rare disciple, who serve the Sadguru the way He would like it. The rare disciple who serves the Sadguru according to His wishes has all his needs fulfilled. The disciple earns the Sadguru grace with such services. there is nothing in the three worlds that the Sad guru’s grace cannot bestow.
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