Monday, March 22, 2010

Reforming the world

Pujya Bapuji’s
The Guru of Laiji Maharaj used to say, This visible world is not real. If it were real, it should appear the same to everybody. But it doesn’t for it is just Maya an illusion. The world appears only at the times of perception to every observer according to his vision. The cow the buffalo, all other animals, birds and tress see the world according to their interval perception.
A cat was sleeping. She was awakened by a barking dog. The two had an altercation. Of course this is an imaginary story not a real incident.
The cat said, you wrench you deprived me of my prey.
The don’t know I saw a rainfall of rats. I was collection my food joyful without much efforts.
A rain of rats, can there ever be a rain of rats?”
“Of course yes, There was a rain of rats? And a dog will see a rain of bones in its dreams. But if a Seth sees a dream. He will see his shop becoming crowed by customers; a religions preacher will dream of thronged listeners and political in his dream will visualise himself planning in his dreams will visualise himself planning to win elections.
The impressions to win elections collects in the waking state find expression in dreams. In the waking state, the world is experienced in words and in dreams, is perceived in visions. The waking and dream states are mutually exclusive. Both are absent in deep sleep. And in the state of Samadhi all the experiences of waking dram and deep sleep states are absent. Which of these states is real? If the absent. Which of these states is real? If the world is believed to be real a man like uddhava world be troubled even in the presence of lord Krishan. Lord Krishan Himself is the preceptor and highly intelligent Uddhava is the pupil. Still lord Krishan told Uddhav the necessity of seclusion. He admonished Uddha. All these things in the world are transient. They are like ear then toys. Al men are like eat then lamps. The whiff of death will extinguish them and whatever seems to be own will be lost. Abandon the worldly entanglements and go into solitude.’
Swami Rama Tirtha has said, if you want to reform the world them there should be propagation of true knowledge. If you take the visible world as ture and try to reform it , it will difficult even to reform yourself. Get established in the Truth and them your natural demeanor will reform the world.
The world cannot be reformed by political party’s propagandas or meaningless action. It cannot be reformed by making laws or planning agendas. But if the world starts imbibing the nectar of the Lord of the world it can be reformed. What is the obstacle in the way of imbibing this nectar? If the world is beloved to be real, one will not experience the internal self bliss even in a thousand births. But once you experience the nectar of the Supreme Being, your spontaneous behaviors the nectar of the Divinity.
The behaviors which you do not want form others towards you, is what bad conduct. The behavior which you wish form others towards you that is god conduct.