Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Nature of God

(Excerpts from, pujya Bapuji’s Satsnag)
God says: I am dependent on to my devotees.
One may think would ever god become decedent on other? If someone is captivated by other he will develop attachment aversion and becomes partial in behavior, That means he is pleased with the person who flatters Him through singing his glories devotion. This is his dependence on his devotes.’
If this notion is right, then even god becomes depended on other. If a seth controlled by just one tow five twenty five sycophants becomes so miserable that he cannot take good decisions, then one can imaging these extent go God downfall as he has so many devotes of different types. With the downfall of God his devotes also suffer downfalls. And the Ramayana states. A person who is taken in by anyone’s flattery will either develop attachment aversion or show prejudice. He suffers mental degradadatrionl and the one coming in his contact also suffers the same. The Ramayana also say.
A dependent man does not gain happiness eve in his dream.
So on hand God says I am depend on my devotes And then on the other hand he says. To me none is hateful or dear.
Somebody many think one who keeps on changing his statement at one times speaks on thing and at another times speaks something else how can we believer such god? What good can such God do to us? What good can such god do to us? Why to sing His glory?
God may seem to say efferent things at different times because of difference ineligibility but god is neither a slave to the sycophants nor dependant on other and He can never cease to do good to his devotes. We do not comprehend him perfectly so we blame God with logical arguments.
The lord thinks it is all ratchets he will comes to me only through such argumentation The people will take it. If he will use reason to remove his fallacy he will realize that the teachings given in the shastras are absolutely correct.
One whose intellect is clouded doubts the words of god. In reality to God non is hateful nor dear. He is free from attachment and aversion. Just as the sun rays cannot have attachment or aversion to anyone. The sun rays fall materially. If kills germs and is helps in photosynthesis which provide nourishment to plant and oxygen to human beings which interwar sustains their life. It does not mean that the germs are hateful and the human beings are dear to sun rays. Those who get benefited from the sun will find him loving and those who are harmed will finds Him hateful. But the sun is free form love an hatred lord Krishan says.
I am the same to all beings. The one who knows how to derive benefit form the sun rays will bring about his welfare will develop his interline by closing his eyes and ten meditation on the sun in the forehead will secure health by mediation on the sun in the navel chakera and the foolish person will impair his memory weaken his eye sights an impair his hearing ability by involving about bare headed in sunshine. Now the sun is the same but we will deceive benefits form it or suffer damaged according to our intellect. What this perspective o gainer loss the sun is somebody friend and for another it is a fore. For a foolish person sun is a trouble and for an intelligent one it is life giving. Similarly god is the friends of every being. H is free form attachment or aversion to anybody but those who benediction towards them selves.
Just as the convex lens concentrates the heat energy of the sun, similarly the devotee of god the friends of all beings. Gets his love and compassion thoughts of the devotee become divine thouts remembrance of god. See how the saints came draw towards you. Without caring at all for the arrangement for food and accommodation. They lead a hectic life day and night giving satsang at three four different places in single day. So don’t they seem dependent on devotes? But can’t thy do good to the people? When the saints pulled by the feelings of the devotes and seemingly dependent can still bring about welfare then what to say god. What can’t he do good to other.
The god is not pleased like the seth and leaders when sing their glories. Yet god is pleased gets delighted because he thinks today’s this jiva my lost child is singing my praise; gradually he will come to know of his gradually he will come to know of his gradually he will com to know of his greatness also. A child who sings virtues of his father will definitely develop the virtues of his father. And isn’t such child devoted tops father entitled to inherit his father wealth and property? Likewise isn’t the sadhak singing the praises of guru not entitled to the knowledge, desirelessness detachment of his Guru.
By singing the glory of the Guru one develops Guru Consciousness sin his begins. By sighing God glory one develops divine consciousness in his being singing God glory will manifest the dignity with in reveal divine knowledge divine nature. One the divine nature is manifested hour goal is attained. At present we are troubled by the nature susceptible to desire anger greed deloused jealousy anger greed. Delusion jealousy, enmity. If we sing God glory then the divine nature will dominate and we shall the divine nature will dominate and we shall get relived of all hurdles.
If you wish to becomes great then merge your nature with that go god. Be his adopted child . God wishes good of all. You too wish for the same. God knows the would tope changeful and dream like you also know it as such. God is bliss personified truth personified knowledge personifies the same to all and fully satisfied in his own self by contemplation in this way your real nature, Truth knowledge and bliss will becomes manifest.

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