Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The sport of the Divine Consciousness

(Excerpts from pujya satsang)
The world does not cause us sorrow. Again the world does not give us joy, out beliefs cause us joy. The world is godly and blissful. Sorrow and joy are simply the of the mind. There is no joy in the world. Joy resides in our beliefs in our passions. The world has no sorrow. Sorrow resides in our pettiness, in our folly. In reality if folly is removed then there exists no joy or sorrow. There in fulfillment bliss great bliss… There is elation in every monet in every incident. Derive joy leading in every incident. Derive joy be leading a solitary life.
Stay away from bad company. That means protecting oneself form the influence of people who lead degraded lives and staying in the midst of good company. Sri Krishna stayed in isolation and seclusion for thirteen years in order to reside in his all pervading nature. From the age of seventy Ghor angiras ashram engrossed in His all pervading self reflecting on the offering of the Upansinds. He felts the need of encouraging Arjun in the field of battle in that great delusion. He did that duryodha’s narrow mindedness has to be removed. He has to be taught a lesson and also a teaching has to imparted to the world through him. This was very playfully conducted by sir Krishna. He rectified Druyodhan side. Yet Sri Krishan says prior to coming to the field of battle, I had gone as a conciliatior, The and even before that if I had not felt any inclination towards the pandavas an any aversion towards the karakas then through this test of equanimity may this dead child come alive..!
The child who becomes alive as a test of equanimity was parikshit the same boy who heard the Bhagaved discourse and in just seven days becomes enriched with the experience, Brith and death belong to the body. I am Braham so that wisdom should enter your life no as a result of liking or averring. Just as a result of your innate nature. “Oh Son of Kunti Even if you have faults in you should not give up your in herent karma.
Spontaneous karma happen in the life of a wise man. Form the outside whether his karma appears as good or as full of flaws, a wise man considers virtues and faults as child’s play. Just as waves are sometimes filthy, sometimes clean sometimes big, sometimes small.. This is the blissful sport of the ocean. Similarly while residing in you. True self whatever devours are made that will be ecstatic sport of the divine consciousness These are the varied ways of that Divine Consciousness… By understanding it thus, enlightened and liberated people live joyfully, They are fulfilled. They are filled whit nectar. They cross over the material world. they help others to cross over it.’ Within and without in front and at the back, there and here everywhere is filled…

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