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Why the Righteous Alone are Put to Tests?

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’s satsang)
Many devotes have a common complaint as to why thy should be put to so many tsetse endlessly despite doing so much, devotional practices listening to satsang daily, serving the poor selflessly and following the tests of dharma appropriately enough.
Mind you when as a child you got admitted to a school did you find it pretty easy to learn the alphabets a,b,c, or you faced problems? Could you drawing some curved lines? You could’ not learn even how to ride a bicycle in a single attempts did you? You happened to fall down a number of times on your way to attain mastery their. Any do you remember how you started to toddle and then walk for the first time. You initially took help of the cart or some adult one’s finger and thereafter you gradually began to walk entirely on you own. And now you are just perfect to take part in race aren’t you?
So my question is why there came problems when you started taking the first lessons on waking? Why were you put to trials in form of periodical exams in the school? You answer is obvious enough, Bapuji’s I was weak at that times and lacked practices as well.
So may sadhakas in the similar manner you have already embraced on the grand venture of attaining God, you are just kinds of 30 or 50 years and are simply unaware of the falsehood of this world you love for the lord is moderate, and you need to be constant and stead fest in obverting your routine spiritual practices. You have been suffering from diseases like egotism, lust, anger etc. for btihs together and verily for this reason alone you put to tests given problems so that you becomes strong there by. A sadhakas as it is plays his way thorough obstacles and difficulties to attain maturity in process. Trials are but indicative of God’s love for you and voiceovers. He wants you supreme good . By putting you to trials He awakens your discrimination and dispassion thereby helping you to develop detachment thereby helping you to develop determent towards the thrsient world.
Mother kunti prays to Lord sir Krishan;
“O Guru of the world I wish that all kinds of calamities should arrives and again because it is during it is during calamities only that we contemplate you remember you and with that alone we will no longer see repeated births and deaths.’
Even a seed has to face so many obstacles on its way to grow into tree. It doesn’t get a regular supply of water. Then it has to bear the wind storms. Some times animals nibble its leaves and brides peck its frits and bearing all this all finally grows into a tree. You too should bear the trials and facing them successful be prepared t attain God then you will becomes one with the Brahman Trials on the path of god realization are actually thugs of ladder leading to supreme good. Adversities as you call them are in fact boons for you as it is in adversity alone that you discrimination and self restraint is awakened and carelessness and attraction floor luxuries is suppressed while ineffaceable conditions its is not so. If you becomes panicky while facing a trails you lose you will power. Haven’t you heard the famous story of the prunes where in Dhruv is described to have
Been engaged in tapasya. Demons come to frighten him but he remained totally unperturbed. Then come the gods on their celestial planes to tempt him but he did not give in. Thus he emerged victories we do listen to these stories and even recount them t others but fail to learn a lesson from the child Dhruva who did not succumb to temptation of pleasure and rained fearless in sorrows. He simply utilized them both and as a result God appeared before him.
And what do we Even at a trivial event of sorrows we start blaming others or the circumstances for the same and them at times also curse ourselves for having been a bign sinner on account of which the sad even has come. Some senseless cowards even commit suicide. However there are others who an account of having purity of hart happen to approach a saint and do find relief as well. If you go to a sant driven by some adversity now for sure you are actually know for sure that you are actually experiencing the mixed fruits of sins and merits together because, while facing an adversity If one remembers the lord he is bound to gt some relief. Other wise there are men who take recourse t drinking or something else. But none of these does provide any solution to the befallen problems, not bring any real peace to the affected for the fire cannot give coolness. At time of trial you happen t lose patience and fall down where upon get you entangled there in and fail to come there from.
They who visits the Guru’s place easily get the keys to pass the tests thus they get out benefited one they find relief from the affiliation of mind and get peace in the presence of Guru. Then they also get the salutation to their problems anther life takes a news course. It is for this resonant Swami Ramtrirtha has said, lord Please send freshproblesm to me everyday.’
Toady If you will understand this secret properly you will transcend all problems and trials forever. Thoughts this looks to be a pretty simple idea once you start following it wholeheartedly you will be fulfilled.
You might have noticed that the post to which a domestic animal is to be tired is cheeked by the master of the house for its firmness lest the animals should loosen it and flee. Then the mistress of the house comes to clergy where the post has been fixed on a proper spot. Next comes the milkman to check its firmness. When an ordinary post which is to be use for tying an animals is examined so my times thoughts different modes of trial by various people then what’s wrong in a devotes who is to be assigned with the vital responsibility of looking after the entire society and moving ignorance there from being tarried and trusted by the lord and the Satguru for his fitness. It simply inevitable.
He tests and tries the recipient chosen by him; he gives thtrasseure of his grace in this manner
Once you have taken refuge in the benign shelter of ht Satguru the lord you need not feel distressed at all. One who is sad deprive hewing a docile of a disciple of a ATGURU IS TLO BE CONDERED ONLY A half devoted rluninitaked one, When belong to God and the Grur how can my anxieties remain mine any more. Now it is verily the responsibility of the lord to take care of everything. Doesn’t an employee working in firm continue to get his ninthly salary irrespective of whether the firm is making profits or losses? Likewise when you consider yourself to be belonging to the lord your body becomes an instrument of the lord as let him play in the garden of your life. Then you just need to exert yourself in the bent possible circumstances. Simply carry out your responsibility and the Lord small take care of his own and them you will see how your works get accomplished. Fools are they who curse God and blessed are thy remain ever cheerful and contented in circumstance.
What if you are poor? What if you have nothing to eat or to wear? If you have faith in your Grur and are committed to assimilate His teachings, surely your are every crounate.A tare devotee never prays to God for nay thing other then devotion to him.
Whom he give his love
He gives nothing else to him:
And whom he finds unworthy of his love,
He gives everything else to him:
There is a description in the sir yougacasitha about a wish fulfilling gem. One wishing for something while standing before it world instantly provide the ting desired. But the Truth realized saint does not give what you desire rather the would bless you with that which well-being your good. If you have devotional faith self control truthfulness an the virtue of redesign selfless series he will first present you with such circumstance as would test your true caliber and also give a golden chance to prove your mettle with the help of the above virtues and there by attain the Truth personified supreme self or increase your yearning for the some, as he verily is your supreme benefactor. The wisdom by the Satguru brings about your sprit aula elevation. Circumstance like the flow of a reviser are always bent on dragging you downwards while the Satguru is the Pumping station who is ever engaged in the pious takes of elevating you.
It is not a sin to be bron an ignorant or fool but languishing in that poor state suffering the brushes of sorrow to finally rich a debilitated state and de beingacerse to God is a great sin indeed.
You have been blessed with the human btihs the pious vacantly of a Satguru and a reare profanity of attaining the knowledge of supreme Truth and your faith and desire t know that is the most fortunate thing. Now you require simply to intensity your longing and inquisitiveness for him. So why then do agitated by the befalling miseries anxieties and troubles at all? These verily art h trials and tests given to you in order to develop your highest potentials. Now march ahead not battle field or you life wielding the weapons of courage velour and self restraint you are bound to emerge vigorous you will defiantly conquer the whole and surely attainted Truth with there remaining absolutely no distance between you and the lord. all the Satguru are ever engaged in the pious Endeavour of sharing their sublime spiritual experience with you.
The lovers of your darshan can’t be cheeked by persuasion,
Those reaching your doorstep can never reiterate their steps.

Sant Tukarmji Integrated Verses.
Inference: A swine loves to gobble up excreta only can it ever think about the marvelous taste of choicest delicacy Exactly in the same way a detractor or an agnostic relishes the sham display world of an impostor only. He has polecat for philanthropic deeds that are meant to realize the till of innumerable births. A dog keeps is gluttonous eye on bone only. It can never merit ambrosial food . Tukarmji Maharaj rightly exemplifies that no matter a serpent is fed on milk its vomit is bound to be venomous only.

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