Thursday, March 4, 2010

Concentration and Detachment

(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’ Satsnag)
Lord Krishna Says.
‘Ever content, steady in mediation, possessed of firm conviction self controlled with mind and intellect dedicated to me he my devotee is dear to me.
He who is earnest is firm of resolve and has set self realization as his goal will forever be contented. One enamored with sense enjoyments cannot remain contented is not accompanied by pain fear loss of health or struggle. Do not run away form the world nor get mired there in. In stead make use of worldly life and attain your goal (of self realization).
You should not get dejected if you have to travel bare foot not should you develop a weakness for a car if you happen to came by one. Your aim is to reach your destination whatever modes of conveyance car auto rickshaw cycle your get. Similarly whatever the path or method, our aim should be to attain to our self God. Truth Absolute Consciousness Absolute Bliss Absolute.
Your aim should be to meet your eternal companion who is the only immutable entity in the ever changing world who never deserts you while everybody else does. By the grace of sadgurus know your self as the as pervading form. Whatever during you perform as a husband wife and a fires or social services, do it with the objects of attaining That. If you have a lofty goal and also a firm resolve to attain it you can easily accomplish the same. It is not all that difficult and in the process you will achieve worldly success as well.
A less educated man was occupying high posts in number of institution. A saint asked him, pray tell me The king has appointed you to various campmates and even the noble s solicit your opinion. How came you are so successful inspire of meager education?
The person replied people think of devious and crooked ways but it follow the right path honestly and peacefully and I receive divine inspirations. Swami Vivekananda once said, if I had to do my education over again, I would (not study facts at all I would) develop the power of concentration and detachment.’
I practice concentration and under take all activates selflessly. Commiseration an determent bring me success in all sprees and I am always cheerful. I do not have the educational qualification or the eligibility required for the positions I occupy in various institutions but I hear abut these two qualifications in satsang by Guru’s grace I am determined to attain the goal. I am faithful to the Guru and to my own self. The man who resorts to dishonest means suppressing his inner voice conscience becomes disloyal. He falls in his own eyes I never do any thing that my cause my conscience to course me. To cultivate cinenctreraion I practice Tratraka fixing one gaze on a point everyday for some times do meditation contemplate selflessness and keep psychic contact with the Guru I thus establish communion with the Gurus blessing an his goal Truly psychic contact with my Guruji has helped me (pujya Bapuji) tremendously.’

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