Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prayer a Solution to Every Problem

Prayer is the supreme means of union with God. Prayer gives spittle powers and strengthens ours faith in God. Prayer enhances self confidence, divine powers moral character and divine wealth. It helps us develop our will power in the right direction. Incessant prayer earns us divine grace and lord Himself becomes helpful in the path to liberation.
Prayer is a Kalpavriksh’ the wise fulfilling three for the writhed and distressed; a snjuvanti the life given herb for a sick person kamadhenu the cow that provider what one what for the starving and the holy Ganges fox purifying the sinner and the depraved. Hare he hari he hari he achayut pray to god calling out these pious names. the major cause for the incarnation of God on earth is the prayer of the affected, hapless poor and dejected ones. By the strength of prayer alone, dishonesty and tyranny are extirpated and replaced by right conduct right thoughts equanimity and humanity. Prayer not only fulis one material desires but also makes easy the realization desires but also makes easy the realization of the seemingly hard to attain God. Prayer transforms the miserly one it not a ferneries one narrow minded one in to a broad minded one on atheist in to a theist a demo into a human and finally a human into the divine beings. Narayana lord himself. The prayer makes one free form all vices removing his negative tendencies. Not only this the states of being free form any kind of pride relating to any merit. Thus prayer is the only means to eradicate all vices completely. Unless the desires are done ways with the light of knowledge cannot be revealed in the inner self. Therefore the only means to destroy desires is prayer to God. By prayers, the infinite powers lying dormant in the human brain are awakened. Freeing the heart of desire is a complicated issue but by the aid prayer the heart itself becomes peaceful. Unceasing prayer results in realization of supreme self which in turn breaks the shackles of maya the intricate knot in the heart is resolved and the impression of karma are destroyed.
Mahatma Gandhi has said I don’t get anxious if I don’t get food but would becomes mad without prayer; prayer is a crore times more beneficial then meal. Prayer is the nutriment of soul.
So I would suggest to you to cling to prayers like a fied. As compared to my intellect I get the solution to the national social and political dire question more celery and spontaneously form the heart purified through prayers.
Sri Vinoba has also said Daily; the body becomes dirty and it requires to be bathed. If we continuously take bath for years and miss out on just two or three days then will that works? The same treatment should be nested out to the mind and the best bath for mind is prayer.
Telling about the importance of prayer pujya Bapuji also The on who prays, to ‘god with la ture heart while considering god to be his own and himself to be of God the God eliminates the signs of misforurten from his life.
If you want progress in your life then sir peacefully when you wake up in the morning and keep sitting on the bed for 5-7 minutes while thinking thus lord I ma yours and your are mine. Just don’t do anything cling to this along I am God’s and God is mine peace bliss.
O lord o giver of bliss.
Bless us with knowledge
Deliver us from all vices quickly.
O lord o giver of bliss..
Please give us your benign
Shelter so that we become virtous.
My we observe brahmachearya, protect dharma be heroic and firm in our vows. O lord o giver of bliss.
May we never utter even by mistake a slande against anybody; Mat we never be jealous, even in a dream of anybody.
O lord o giver of bliss.. May we speak truth, never tall a lie an develop fraternity, Amy we have life divine; and sing thy praise. O lord o giver of bliss.. May we spend life doing philanthropic activities. May we never indulge in simianthropic activates. O lord o giver o bliss.. O lord giver of bliss May we lovingly seve out gurus. May we affectionately serve out pious culture o lord o giver o bliss. May we be more inclined towards attaining yoga and self knowledge? May we attain as steadfastness in the self and becomes benevolent to all o lord o giver of bliss.. Go a reposition this prayer. Just as for the cellular phone. It doesn’t have to do any thing only the battery is attached to the power source. Similarly you just connect yourself with the greatest source of power the lord for sometimes, in the morning then this the such unfailing way that lord is inspiration land you working capability and joy will not forsake you throughout the twenty four hours of the day. Do to fall on your bed life a sack of salt at night. When you retire to bed pray to God, Lord all the god deeds done through our the day were due to your blessings, And in case you committed some faults then reflect over then and pray lord save me I am a habitual sinner. You save me. I surrender my actions performed today to you. Now bless me so that form the morrow. I would not do evil actions. I shall do only good actions. Only such act may be performed which please you which in crease my devotion which effaces my sense of doership which helps in getting reposed in you and which gives the knowledge of the truth that I am not away from you or separated from you peace lie down while repeating this. While breath in imagine peace inhaling thought the broth and brathe out with counting one Aging breathe in and breathe out with count tow breathe in bliss or guru mantra or and with brathe out count three. Thus gradually fall asleep with counting breaths. If you sleep now after praying thus. Then is truly say that your sleep shall be tuned in to yognidra, divine peaceful sleep and you will wake up with devotional mind with la pleasant change in your waking moods.
Within a few days you will find astonishing change in your life. If you cognitive praying and love of lord then this prayer will release you the subjection of and make you attain success in being one with the pervasiveness of the supreme self.

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