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Ram Rajya an Ideal Government Sri Ram Navami: 24th March

(Incarnation day of Lord Ram)
(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’s Satsang)
Lakhs of years have passed since lord Ram incarnated but Sri Ram has not yet left his impression from the hearts of the people. Why? Because His ideal life, ideal character is worth imitating for all. This ideal personality descried in sir Ram Chairman’s is difficult to find in any other literature of the world.
In one thinks an ideal son ideal brother ideal husband ideal father ideal disciple ideal warrior and ideal king then just one name comes to everybody mind that of lord Ram. Thus the glory of his governance is sung ever after lakhs of years have elapsed.
The viruses in lord Ram were so distinguishing that people belonging to religion community and caste on this earth can befit form then by imbibing them.
Ram ji used to speak only substantial. If some body came to meet Him, He never thought that the other one should initiative talk or salute him. He started talking form his own side so that the person inform may not feel embarrassed.
Ram ji spoke only relevant i.e. to the point. I his royal curt, while a decision on a religion matter was to be take and there would be formed two sides with different opinion then Sri Ram ji would, in support of the side holding correct opinion cite illustrations form history, puranas an decision of ancestors as examples so that the side supporting the erring idea should also be satisfied that the other side is correct.
Sri Ram ji would listen to other very keenly an revertianlly. He would listen to the other person until he didn’t utter anything inimical to himself to the another. When a person would do any slanderous talk abut somebody and if ram ji found that his would be harmful for him or would harm some one else then he would turn the subject of the talk so carefully that the one speaking it may not fell insulted.
Sri Ram would not use bitter language ever for his emmies.
In the battle field sir Ram would burn Raven’s chariot with one arrow and with the other he would blow away his arms. Still his mind say to Ravana Lankes king of lanka Go and come prepared again, tomorrow.’
When several days passed in this way, then the gods got anxious as to how would Ravana be killed when Ram ji being established firmly in his supreme state of equanimity doesn’t at all becomes furious? Raven Lakshamn and hanumnji got worried becomes a bit enraged. Then ram ji summoned anger;
Sri ram would utilize anger but would never in its grip. We all get taken I by anger greed delusion sorrows an become engaged greedy, deluded. Sorrowful accordingly but ‘sir Ram would just use these as instruments as and when required.
Sri Ram exercised a distinguishing control over his mind. He would not allow his mind to be perturbed even if some one committed hundred offences. The person in front of you ahs his own way of thinking has his own lifestyle, so he can have with you improperly. But it depends upon you whenter or not you get disturbed by his such behavior. It is not necessary that everyone should live according to your liking.
Sir Ram was efficient in economic management also. It comes in shukraniti an Manumit that the one who manages finances properly amongst these four division on religion accumulation dependants and for himself such person obtains joy and relaxation in this world and also in the next.
Some people accumulate so much wealth in greed that such wealth only becomes al reason of their misfortune. Some other are such spendthrift that thy just squander away all the money earned and then lead a life that of a papuer. Sri Ram ji was effecting in earning as well as use of wealth. Just as a honey bee sucks the fragments of the pollens form flowers with out harming at all. Similarly Ram ji would levy taxes on his subjects in such manner that if world not be a burned on them. He world charger tax of him subjects after duly considering their welfare and future.
For the satisfaction and faith accomplishment of his subjects, Sri Ram ji world not feel hesitant in surfing his royal luxuries family pleasure and state grandeur. There fore Ramji governance is cindered an ideal one.
Descrambling the Ram Rajya it is elaborated in the Ramcharitmanas.
Devoted to duty the people trod the path of the deals each according to his sate and stage of life, and enjoyed happiness uinvexed by fear or sorrow, or sickness.
No where in Rama realm could one find a person who suffered from bodily pain ill fortune or evil circumstance. All the men and woman loved one another, conducted with righteousness and were devoted to injunction of the Vedas. Righteousness with its four pillars i.e. truth purity compassion anchorite reigned throughout the world and no one ever dreamt of sin. Men and woman a like, all learnedly devoted to Ram were hates of final betide.
(Sri Ramcharitmanas,)
Uttar kand: 20, 20.1,2)
Sant Tukakramji integrated verses
Inference: Devoutness and faith at the lots feet of saints and sages easily bring about god realization. Tukakramji Maharaji elucidates that the sacred service to the sages has been bestowed upon us by our ancestors.

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