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The Lineage is blessed nay the earth is blessed

(pujya Bapuji’s Incarnation Day:4 April)
(Excerpts from pujya Bapuji’s Satsang)
The scriptures talk of different types of incarnations of God. One of them is the Nitya Avatars in the form of Enlightened
There have been many such incarn actions of God on this earth like vallbhacharya, Shankaracharya, Nimbarkcarcha, Kabirji Guru Nanak Sri Rama Krishna Pramabmsa, Pram Pujya Sri Lilashahji Bapu to name just a few.
‘The entire lineages of a saints is sanctified glorified is the mother of a saint’ the land traded on by a saint becomes holy.
Ordinary beings are born out of the bonds of Karam effectuated by the momentum of desires. But it is not so with God or saints. Whose descent on the wrath is known as an incarnations not birth.
God and saints incarnate on earth for the good of the masses. They come to this earth to fulfill a particular mission or in kind response to the piteous prayers of people. That is those who manifest themselves in human form to give shae to our good faith honest objectives and genuine needs are known as incarnations or God realized personages.
The birth of the body is not a g thing not is its birthday celebration. The real worthy this is fulfilling the true objective of the (human) birth. The incarnation day of Brahunajnani saints who have fulfilled this exalted objective inspires us towards that lofty goal.
There fore this is an appropriate occasion to celebrate, and all us should celebrate it.
He who has realized his own (True) self has indeed achieved the real great feat in the world.
There are around 6.5 billion people on earth. About 17.5 million people celebrate their birthday everyday. The real obtained only when one makes some positive resolve on this day. Suppose you have compeleted 30 years of you life and reentering the 31st .You should take stock of the past years andyse you wrong doings. On your 31st birthday you should resolve not lo repeat your past mistakes and commit yourself towards new pious endeavors. This is the only meaningful way to celebrate is birthday. The Truth however nemesis that you never born.
‘The soul is never born nor does it die; not does it becomes only after being born, Unborn eternal ever lasting and ancient it is not killed when the body dies;,
People say, Bapuji congratulations.
What for?’
I don’t want all this for I know I was near bron. It is the body that is bron.On my birthday I don’t want any gift, money or congratulations form you. I only want your well being, your supreme good. And what constitutes your well being?
Your true well being lies in realizing that face that the world is transient that circumstances come and go but your True self is eternal undesirable and immortal even thought the bodies are subject to birth and death.
I don’t find any meaning in birthday congratulations still I accept such congratulation for is it gives you an opportunity to attach satsang and listen to the Truth that you are the immoral pure Consciousness, The Atman distinct form the body. I congratulate you on that account and myself accepts the same.
The lord states in the Srimad Bhagavad-Gita.
He who knows Me in reality as birth lee and as the supreme lord of the Universe, he undeclared among men is purged of all sins, In feat the ideal celebration of a saint, incursion day is not confined to just rejoicing thought busting fire crakes and distributed sweets the ture celebration of saint incarnation day lies indrawign inspiration form the saints life imbibing His divine virtue’s and thereby manifesting Saintliness in one’s own life.
Yajna and jape of Mahamirthynjaya on your birthday.
One that auspicious day performs a yajna with the chating of Mahamrityaunhjajya mantra using a mixture of ghee, milk honey an the grass of durva as oblations. This will remove all troubles worries difficulties and evil planetary influences and fill your life with fresh viougur. Or you can also do hapa of namah sivaya 108 times whole touching the pipal tree with broth hands. This is to done on Saturday.
Sant Tukarmji Integrated Verses.
Inference: Any abode where saints are denigrated is not after to be called a home but merrily it is the infernal world (the world of the god of death). No sin is as ghastly as that committed by one who indulges in the heinous act of castigating a saint. Those who’re ill fated to be in the vicinity of such a wicked being even for a moment have to endure unburnable afflictions. He who finds himself irresistible in disparaging a saints undoubtedly has to under go anguish of inferno while living only. Tukarmji Maharaj explicates that such a wretched being is leading asinine life only. He is destined to de doomed forever.

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