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Aditya Hrdaya Stotram

Viniyoga (Appropriation for a purpose) asya Aditya Hrdaya stotrasya agastya ris anustup Chan dash, Aditya hradayabhuto bhagvan hrahma devta nirastases vighnataya brahamviday siddhau sarvatra jayasiddhau viniyogah.
Lord surya the sun should be meditated upon and paid salutation by the following mantra:
Bhurbhuvah svah tatasviturvarenyam bhargo dhiyo yo nah pracodayat.
We meditate upon retain in the innermost faculty the soul the supreme Being who is the base of the lives of l universe destroyer of sorrows embodiment of bill full of effulgence greatest of all annihilator of sins. May He guide out intellect in the morally right direction.”
Aditya Hraday Stotram
Beholding sir Rama standing absorbed on the battlefield exhausted as he was by the fight and Ravan facing him, duly prepared for an encounter sage Agastya who had come in the company of gods to witness pouch making encounter of sir Ram with now spoke as follows.
Rama o mighty armed Sri Rama hearken to the following eternal secret in the form of a holy eternal install and supremely blessed and excellent encomium, entitled the Aditya Hraday which is intended to propitiate Brahma installed in the heart of the rob of the sun The blessing of a blessings by means of which my child you will be able to conquer for all your adversaries on the battlefield and which is calculated to bring victory root out all sins, allay all anxiety an grief once for all and prolong life.
Worship you the sun good the ruler of the worlds who is crowned with rays nay who appears the horizon every day without fail who is greeted by good and demons alike and brings light to the world
Indeed he is the embodiment of all gods and full of glory an creates and sustains the gods and the demons as well as their worlds by hid rays.”
Indeed he is the same as Braham the creator as well as Vishnu the protector of the universe Lord Siva the god of destruction Skanda son of Lord Siva pragmatic the lord 7 of creation the mighty Indra the ruler of gods Kubera the bestowed of riches Kala the Times spirit Yama the god of retribution soma the moon god Verona the ruler of the waters the pits manes the eight Vasus the twelve sashays the tow Asvis the physician of gods the forty nine Marts wind gods Manu a progenitor of the human race Vayu the wind god and the god of fire. He constitutes all created beings he is the life breath of the universe the source the store house of light.
He indeed is an offspring of Aditi the progenitor of all sun god the courser in the heavens the nourished of all the posterior of rays the golden th brilliant the one whose energy constitutes the seed of the universe and the make of day. He has seven green horses yoked to his chariot is myriad rayed full of lays of happiness the mitigate of the suffering of his devotees the infuser of life in the lifeless cosmic egg all pervading and the cause of the creation preservation and destruction of the unversed, He is blissful nature the ruler of all the bringer of day and the Teacher. A son of Aditi he beers the fire of dissolution in his womb is billss personified and all enveloping like space the destroyer of cold the lord of th heavens the disperser of darkness a master of the three Vedas RK Sama and yahoos the sender of thick showers and the friend giver of water. He courses swiftly also the own orbit carries in him the resolve to evolve the universe and is adorned with a circle or rays. He is death itself tawny of hue and the destroyer of all. He is omniscient all formed endowed with extraordinary brilliance endowed coppery the soiree of all evolutes the controller of all lunar massifs planets and stars th crater of all resplendent among the splendid o god papering in twelve months of the year hail to you Hail to your in the form of the eastern mountain and hail to the western mountain. Hail to the lord of hosts of urinates the lord of the day.
Hail to you the giver of victory hail to you joy born victory Hail to you Hail to you th god having green horse yoked to your chariot Hail hail to you with thousands of rays Hail hail to you son of Aditi.
Hail to you the subdue of the senses the valiant one Hail to you denoted by the mystic syllable hail to you the awakener of the lotus Hail to you the fierce one.
Hail to you ruler of Braham Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu the infallible Hail to your th sun god th unspiritual light indwelling the solar orb the resplendent one the devourer of all appearing in the form of Rudra who drives away ignorance.
Hail to you the dispeller of darkness, the destroyer of cold the exterminator of foes the one whose extent is immeasurable the destroyer of the ungrateful the god who are the ruler of all lighter Hail to you possessing the luster of refined gold the dispeller of ignorance the architect of universe the uprooted of darkness splendor incarnate the onlooker of the world.
The aforesaid lord alone actually destroys bring into existence and sustains all that has come into being. He alone reradiates hear by his rays sends shows.
Planted in all created beings as their inner Controller he remains awake when they have fallen asleep. Nay he himself is the act of pouring oblations into the sacred fire as well as the fruit attained by those who pour such oblations.
Nay he comprise all the gods as well as th sacrifices as also the fruit of sacrifices. Again he is the supreme Controller of all activities which are found in all living beings.
No, individual celebrating the aforesaid Lord the forgoing encomium in straits in difficulties in the words as well as in times of peril comes to grief o scion of ‘raghu.

Worship th aforesaid Lord of the universe the adored of all gods with a concentrated mind. Muttering this praise as many as three times one will come out victorious in combats.
You will be able to make short work of Ravan this very moment o might armed one saying so the celebrated sage Agastya there upon left in the same way as he had come.

Hearing this advices Sri Rama scion of Raghu who was endowed with extraordinary energy and had a subdued mind found his grief immediately dissipated Nay feeling greatly delighted he retimed the alleluia in his memory. Sipping water thricc with the name of the Lord on his lips and getting purified in his way nay looking intently on the orb of the sun and repeating this prayer the valiant one experienced supreme felicity. Seizing hold of his bow afterwards and fixing his eyes on Ravan the hero who felt deleted in mind advanced on eth battlefield with a view to attaining victory in combat. He stood vowed to kill Ravan with an intense and all sided effort.

Delighted in mind to gaze on Sri nay feeling supremely exhilarated on perceiving the destruction of Ravan the ruler of the night stalkers at hand the sun god standing (in person) in the midst of a host of gods exclaimed Make haste.
Form: (Valmiki Ramayana)

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