Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Four Defects in Sense Enjoyments

There are four defects in sense enjoyments. One is that sense enjoyments do not last forever. Secondly the desire to enjoy them too doesn’t remain constant. Thirdly, they come to an end. And fourthly the enjoyer loses energy by enjoying them. The more one enjoys sense objects the more agitated disturbed and dissipated one will be and the more he will lack patience. The more one controls one’s urge for sense enjoyments the calmer and composed one will be and the more patience he will have.
Enjoyments of sense objects makes one dissipated there fore an epicurean a luxurious man a restless man gets irritated even in small matters. One should always keep a cheerful and amiable disposition. Guard against temperament. Out of the average lifespan of 65 years, Justify Full28-30 years have gone the remaining 35-37 years too will pass. There fore don’t worry. Be carefree. It will bring sagacitly.Ity is not good to worry. Once of course has to think as to what course of action one should take in given circumstances. But after given thoughts to the tasks or problem at hand you should become carefree. Don’t preoccupy with anything otherwise energy will be dissipated.
You should enjoy pleasures; there is no prohibition. Relish your food. Your food should be so delicious that your mouth should water for it. But you should eat only as much as is digested properly. it should not cause heaviness in the body or acidity in stomach or sow the seeds of future disease. So food should be such that the eater energies should no maintain in good condition and his senses should remain in sound state.
What you see should be such as not to lead you astray. When enjoying sight take care that you spend your energies as cricket match or a football match. But really speaking the players of cricket or football don’t give happiness to spectators. How can they happiness to others when they themselves don’t have it? They play and you have a desire to play which you are not in a position to fulfil. So you watch others playing. When you go to watch the match in the morning, you are fresh like a flower. When you watch the play and are engrossed therein, your radiance you energy your life force gets frittered away through your watch for a long times your will get tired and bored. You will have to spend the next day sleeping or resting.
So there are four defects in sense enjoyments they dissipate energy they do not last forever the desire to enjoy them doesn’t remind constant; and they must came to an end.

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