Monday, December 14, 2009

The Phantom of Misapprehension

Your consciousness and your imagination have miraculous potency. You perceive as you imagine. As you think so dies the world appear to you. The body is transient and so is the mind but you are eternal. But when you superimpose the adjunct, the body on you being and start believing things like, I am ill I am weak I am miserable, I am that somebody has bewitched me. Once you believe you are bewitched you will feel so whether or not you have actually been bewitched and howsoever hard one may try to convince you to the contrary. When one believes that his enemy has practiced sorcery against him, his mind creates the misery of bewitchment within. This madly of misapprehensions cannot be cured by any Vaidya doctor and even by the Guru.
Your real I is eternal whereas passions are transient. But it is deeply ingrained in your mind. I am passionate so even the transient passions seem to be eternal. If you are deeply obsessed with any misconception, it is very default to stamp it out. A disease can be cured because it is in the body but misconceptions are in our mind. Unit and unless we our selves drive the misconception out of lour mind, Vadyas doctors and the Guru cannot to it by their collective effort cannot cure us. Until annuluses you disown your beliefs yourself nobody else can relieve you. So long as you don’t investigate and fund out for yourself the transient nature of the body and the mind nobody can remove your misconceptions.Themimed you disown your misconception your are free.
Similarly vices are inert but if you believe the vices are within me they get reinforced. Believing them to be in you, if you try to eliminate vices they will become stronger and you will fail to eliminate them. If you act under the influence of vices, you will still becomes faulty. The answer I to pay no attention to them to ignore them and they will cease to exist.
The silkworm gets enclosed in cocoon spun by it and dies getting enveloped by it. Similarly many a time men get caught in the web of their imaginations. This web of imaginations has to be cleared by contrary imagination you have ingrained in your mind have to be abandoned by you alone: nobody else can rid you of them. A girl has ensconced in her mind the belief, I have circumambulated the fire with so and so man I am his wife. Howsoever hard you may try to persuade her; she can never be convinced that she is not the wife of that man. Husband wife caste etc. is all just beliefs that have entered your psyche. But in reality if you see, there is no relationship, no caste. These are all notions.Thethoughts we have ingrained in our in mind remain fixed until and unless we remove them ourselves.
I was addressed or referred to us Asumal, Baron Bhagwnji Bhagwan, prabhji, Asaram Bapuji I accepted all these names and epithets without identifying my self with any of them. There fore whether these names are preside or blamed it is all in the realm of imagination and so doesn’t affect me but if I start believing that my name is ashram I am Asaram or I am Bapuji, I will be puffed up by praise and Bapuji, I will be puffer dup by praise and will feel miserable when blamed. No I have transcended such misconceptions by Guru’s Grace. I know this name is imposed on me it is a label put on the body.Scuh thoughts destroy the world of imaginations
The imaginations of misery as well as happiness are changing form times to time but I am changeless eternal. How a the impermanent harm the eternal? Yet we are plagued by al kinds of fears I have made this mistake I have done this I have done that I get no sleep so what if you are not aloe to sleep. Rather than worrying about lack of sleep remember God when you are unable to sleep. Don’t torment yourself by constructing a web of imagination around you. Just get to know the mantra of getting send sleep. Doesn’t biter for what others say? Let dream like circumstances of this world pass. You illumine yourself with the knowledge and live of God. So you resolve to do that now well done Bravo Try you were not born to be exhausted to becomes toadies of the world. You are that eternal knowledge and conscious personified Atma (self) which cannot be harmed in the slightest even after the death of the body. Know your immortals nature. This body of yours is like this only there is weakness at times only: there is weakness at times an something else at other times it is feverish at times and not at other. All this goes on. Yet we feel distressed thinking of lour body all the times.
One who thinks about illness trebles enemies etc. makes them stronger. Therefore you should remain enraptured in the thoughts of the Lord.
Worry tells upon wits as also on your knowledge and looks.
Worry is wretched it is like a funeral pyre. Tusodasji says we should rely on the Lord and sleep with abandon.
Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen. Whatever is destined to happen will happen.’
Whatever is destined to happen let it happen. Thrown all worries into the dustbin. Be prepared to embrace whatever is in store for you.
Develop fearlessness and velour. The way you used to get affected and disturbed by petty matters earlier will not affect you now. The Bhagavad-Gita teaches the art of living and too in battlefield. It doesn’t follow that only Arjuna was in the battlefield. You all are in the battlefield. The battle of soaring prices combat with lust, anger greed attachment and envy and above all the fear of death is knocking at the door each an every moment. You never know when the death will devour you. When the cat approaches the pigeon closes its eyes. When somebody talks about death everyone says stop it Eat drink, enjoy But is will not help We will have to carefully develop within ourselves the divine qualities a stated by God. Such person possessing the divine qualities will certainly attain the supreme Self.

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