Friday, December 11, 2009

Cultivate Divine Qualities

Develop the glow spirituality in your life. Unless you develop it you will not be able to have unflinching devotion and love for God; You mind will not get freedom form delusion and even after achieving any thing you will remain deprived of your own inner treasure (of spiritual wealth.) Therefore bring forth the spiritual vigor in your life.
In the 3rd shloka of the 16th chapter of Bhagavad-Gita God says.
Vigour forgiveness fortitude purity freedom form malice absence of pride these are the qualities Bharata.
Divine Estate means The Estate of God. Cultivate the Estate of self god in your heart. The more your will cultivate it in you heart the more you will get establish in That God. The same way as presently you identify yourself with the gross body i.e. flesh and bones attachment and aversion: anxiety yourself with the divine Truth and your will experience liberation here itself while living.
Glow, forgiveness…
Living in a Gold climate and eating tich foods brings glow on the face but glow is not the spiritual one. The spiritual glow comes by observing right conduct self restraint by doing good deeds by cultivating a good character and by practice of concentration and mediating on the effulgent self. When your intellect will be illumined by the spiritual radiance then the effect of the passion will get diminished. The more a person is devoid of the spiritual radiance the more he will influenced by the external circumstance and he will be able to free himself form the influence of the external stimuli to the extent the has developed spiritual glow.
Therefore the Lord says that we should develop spiritual glow in our life for our own welfare. If one wants to be blessed with firm devotion then the qualities of Vigour and forgiveness are one of the means to achieve it. If the householder does not have the quality of forgives he will find difficulty in his life. It is certain that mistakes will be committed wife or husband lone or other member of the family. If one clings to anybody mistake (without forgiven the person) that person might have committed mistake only while one might end up spoiling one’s heart.
The lord says. There should be Vigour forgiveness fortitude in your life If the mind broods over any material object and the intellect also gives its decision to gratify that desire or one feels envious on seeing somebody house or vehicle etc and covets for that thing, then this not appropriate. Think over whether the person, who has that, is completely happy with that or not anyhow long shall it rain with him.
Don’t increases your possessions much desire for less: For thy whom possessed much left the world disappointed.
When the mind yearns for external objects circumstances pleasures then the virtue of fortune needs to be developed. Don’t get influenced and attracted by just any circumstance. Don’t be lured to buy article being adverse on television or sold in malls. One will have to spend more or borrow form someone in order to fulfill his unnecessary in his life. His life will get exhausted in he desire of buying one thing increasing another. Such people are progressed another. Such people are pressed under the burden of debts. The Lord says Vigour forgiveness fortitude purity.
The purity which the Lord talks about is of who kinds inner and eternal. External purity can be brought about by soap mud water etc. and inner purity is that which comes by the eradication of attachment aversion lust etc. One who has attained the inner purity does not care for external purity. The external purity helps in attainment of the inner purity.
Paternal Maharaji says that keeping body clean gees rise to dispassion low the person who keeps his body knows about the impurities therein. He also know hat the inklpruites presents in one body are also present in another body. Therefore I am ness associated with one own body and the desire for having sex with another’s body gets diminished. They strive for attaining God The bliss person fifed consciousness hidden in own heart which is the our real goal. The Lord says:
Vigour forgiveness fortitude purity freedom form malice:
Freedom from malice is another divine quality. One should not have the feeling of hatred towards anybody. The one for whom we have malice in our heart may or may not suffer any loss but the person who harbors such feeling his own heart is Spoiled. There fore malice should not be harbored.
Vigour forgives fortitude purity freedom, form malice and absence of pride…
Don’t wish to be honored. A person I never satisfied with honor. On who get honoured craves for more and more.
Do praiseworthy works but be careful not to cherish the desire for honor in your mind. Reserve for your self such places also where you won’t get adulation or where there is no influence of fluency of flatterers. Go to such places where your get a chance of melting your egotism where you mind becomes tensionless. A person who tries to find pleasure in praise is poor guy such person becomes distressed I he get little less praise
Hon our is a poison whoever eats it dies and the one wishes for it also gets distressed.
It doesn’t matter If you get applauded even if you don’t wish for it . On the other hand don’t bother if your are blamed but form your side don’t do and blameworthy work.
Protect the treasure of treasures your heart. If your protect it you have protected everything and if is not protected then a person having all securities becomes poor within.
God wants you to bring into your life divine wealth of Vigour forgiveness fortitude etc. Learn the ways to lead a brilliant life. There are certain things you may practice daily for 15-20 minutes. This shall fill your min with Vigour in just a few days. It would not be the effulgence of sun or tube light rather your heart will be filled with the light of discrimination.

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