Friday, December 25, 2009

‘Divya Prerna Prakash Jnana Pratiyogita National Level’

Under the pious guidance of pujya Bapuji lakhs of students participated in this year’s Jnana Pratiyogita’ (competition) held at the regional level. Hearty congratulations to the various yoga Vedanta Seva samitis around the country for their divine endeavors and services. The national level examination of the completion will be held on 26th December, 2009 in the morning session of the Dhyan Yoga va Vidyarthi Tehjasvi Talim Shivir (25th to 27) December , 2009) to be held in surat (Guj) in the presence of pujya Bapuji. The students who secured 60% or above in the regional level completion (class 8 to 12 (second division) will be allowed to participate in this completion.
Sacred Thread Brings Bring Good Health
Wearing the sacred thread has a salutary effect on the function on the functions of the heart intestines and the lungs.
Winding the sacred thread tightly around the ear at the time of defection or urination the peristalsis of intestines. So it cures constipation. It makes rapid contraction of the muscles of the nerves around the ear caused by winding of the sacred thread controls increased blood pressure and cures difficulty in breathing. It also improves memory and eyesight.
The movements of hands during wringing the cloth after washing strengthen the heart muscles.

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