Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If you Fill Heart with Self Bliss There will be Bliss Out side for you

If a man takes refuge in God he is undoubtedly blessed. Men are delivered form bondage of actions if they hand over the reins of their lives into His hands. Taking the onus of action on one self gives rise to ego sours the action. If you have as your ally the Supreme Lord of the Universe, the greatest supporter and nurturer of all beings, you have need for anyone else support.
Every relies on someone with superior strength or wisdom. The creeper takes the support of tree to go higher. An uneducated am depends on an educated on to become a scholar. Dejected men take refuge under a brave one. Each and every man takes support of someone or the other. A small local leader kowtows to a bigger one and the bigger one to a still bigger one. Even the prime Minister seeks support be that the grace of a holy man or of God. If you cannot do without taking refuge in somebody, then why no take refuge in devotion to the Almighty straight away so that you do not have to seek support form higher and thither.
Kabirji says people make many friends in this world”
But those who give all their affection to the one and only are delivered form all worries.
You relied on many developed friendships whit thinking This man is likely to turn out to useful that man may help me this businessman or that leader will be useful so an so may be of help to me well they man indeed be useful but unless you have your own self the pure consciousness, you can neither move around nor be of any use to any one. Through sad Guru’s there satsang know Him who is always there with you is required at every step make relation with Him thought Diksha. Then alone can the others be any assistance. If you do not have relation shi with the supreme Consciousness for how ling can others help you?
If you go lout after taking food,
People after food to you
If you leave your own house hungry,
You will have no luck out side.
There fore repeat the Guru mantra every morning or read some religious esoteric book or listen to satsang cassette and fill you heart with self bliss with devotional fallings and pious thoughts. Thus satiated conflux you’re self in the world. How long will you work an empty stomach? Every a laborer is aware that before going to work he should eat something. Similarly if you have to meet somebody outside first satiate yourself with in with the liquor of meditation satsang japa of God name land remembrance of God.
What is the use of drinking?
If you drink in the evening.
The inebriation influence will be gone by morning.
Drink the liquor of Lord love your life will be transformed.

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