Monday, December 21, 2009

Satsang News

People of Latur (Maharashrta) had the good fortune of pujyashree darshan and satsang on 24th land 25th September. Imparting the technique to developing divine love inhuman life. Pujya Bapuji said one who doesn’t believe the lord to be his own will remain miserable; he will not be able to break the shackles of worldly loving. His devoting will not be fretful. He will be beleaguered by worldly troubles. Blessedness comes forms believing the lord to be one’s own and lit also brings dignity in one life.
Pujya Bapuji ambrosial scours quenched the devotes thirst for knowledge at Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) on 26th and 27th September pained by degeneration in today high profile modernistic society indulging in perverse rowdy behavior in the name of broadmindedness pujyashree compassionate heart cautioned such people saying Broadmindedness doesn’t mean eating whatever one feels like eating and doing whatever one feels like doing such a min disk perverse mind not broad mind. Broadmindedness means that one should conduct oneself with a sense of propriety and have charitable felling for all beings.
This year the sharad purima Dhyan Yoga shivir was organized form l30th September to 3nd October at Mathhura (Uttar Pradesh). Sharad prnima is a glorious occasion in its own right but organization Mathura City of Lord Krishna the darling of Gopis added to its charm.
As the devotes came to know of Sharad Purinma being organized at Mathura they thronged the city in such large numbers that it become anunprecednted spectacle in the history Mathura. Interesting features of the organization of shivir here help everybody surprise.
Pujyashree had instructed the organisers to organize the shivir on the bank of Yamane but a few days before the stipulated date the water of Yamane rose so high that the whole of the bank was inundated. The organisers resigned to god will and gave up. But Mother Nature could ill afford to come in the way to Pujya Bapuji wish. In no time the holly river receded as if the water had been sent by it just to clean the banks before pujyashree arrival.
The Dhyan Yoga shivir proceeded in the midst of waves of divine out andante atmosphere exalted by chanting of Lord’s name and singing of Lord praises and the evening of Sharad purnima arrived. As soon as the evening session was concluded the sky was overcast with clods and it started raining. But the Sadhana refused to budge. The clouds deferred to the Sadhana determination and calmed down. The rain stopped and the devotes were treated to the showering of nectarine moonlight of shares purnima Moon form the heavens and to the transmission of spiritual power divine graces and Guru grace form pujya Bapuji. On one side was the pious bank of holy Yamane and the Moon showering its ambrosial rays and on other side was the God incarnate Gurudev showering the nectar of divine bliss and divine peace through his divine glances. And the sadhakas were imbibing the nectar to their heart content. the spectacle reminded people of the divine play lord Krishna has with the Gopis thousands of years ago.
Pujyashree discourse always enlighten the devotees and satiate them with the vision of supreme lord they enable the devotees to clearly be hold the true nature of the supreme benign. Pujyashree words of profound wisdom resounded God real nature is Existence Knowledge Bliss Absolute. He is pure consciousness he is all pervading and He loves His devotes. He listens to the devotes in whatever form and with whatever for of mind they address Him. He life the celestial wish granting tree. The foremost of Lord sulfites is love and compassion. A friends helps us with an expansion is natural and spontaneous without any expectation of any king. He is the supreme and selfless lover of all begins. As soon as we think of the Lord rue nature and His qualities the our mind disappears.
A single session of Pujyashree satsang was help at Agra (Uttar Prades) on 8th October. Devotees in large numbers flocked to the satsang even though it was announced only hours ago which prompted pujyashree to remark Are you people of Agra omniscient? Did you divine that Bapuji was to come to Agra?
The people of Barara distt. Agar (Uttar Pradesh) had good fortune of availing of pujyashree darshan and satsang on 9th October.
On 9th October itself a session laws given to the people of Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh). Enthusiastic devotees gathered at Gwalior sham in large member and the Ashram gave the appearance of a mini Kumbha festival.
Imparting the technique realizing one real naught which is essentially divine pujyashree said The mantra unfolds our real nature which is essentially divine. Why should we lived a wretched existence. Desire anger greed delusion worry fear and tension etc these are traits of a wretched existence. They make a man wretched. On the other hand one becoming aware of one divine nature becomes diving. Now it is up to you.
10th and 11th October Jabalpur (Mahdhay Pradesh) The people of Jabalpur got the opportunity of celebrating spiritual dewily even before the worldly one by virtue of pujyashree darshan and satsang. Pujyashree said if you goal is high your thoughts too will be high You will elevate yourself. Have a goal to attain knowledge of your eternal self and bliss live of achieving that goal. Once you set such a goal there is Diwali you every day every moment with every breath..
Satsang was organized at Daomoh(madya Pradesh) on 10th and 13th October Bhandara (feast) was oraingised for poor tribal people of this places. Oil food grays sweetmeats cloths chappals and cash were distributed along with food.
Missionaries carry out their nefarious activity of conversion taking advantage of the abject poverty of liable people. Pujyashree said I love Christi aces as well but to those who proselytize taking advantage somebody handicap say desist form this evil act Don’t misguide Hindus. Don’t deprive them of the protective shelter of their great religion,

Pujya Bapuji also said the Hindu community has its eyes fixed on the saints whom it regards a its saviour. As it is vicious attacks are being launched on the Hindu community form all sides. Saints are being maligned Hinduism is being shown in poor light; the dastardly activities of these people extent even so far as to place the pictures Hindu gods and goddesses at dirty spots. On 13 th October Pujyashree arrived at Gora Khurd distribution and Bhandara was ordained after distribution satsang Prasad among people at Majhguan Ashram Distt. Sager (Madhya Pradesh) on the way. At Gora Khurd pujyashree allotted 50 hotness constructed by sant Sri Asaramji ashram lust Amdavad to poor people. On side the eyes of these poor people who were gifted new puce houses on the occasion of Diwali were wet with theirs of gratitude and no the other the hearts of sadhakas who had participated in the altruistic actively were wet with the nectar of self Bliss and compassion.
The mammoth gathering of devotees in the satsang organized at kaput (Uttar Prades) form 14 October morning to 15 th October noon was a measure of the intensity with which people of this country year for Darshan and satsang of pujya Bapuji. To the uniformed these sadhakas may seem vary but these crazies is such of the world. Pujyashree said to save oneself form being taken in by the world it is beneficial to get taken to in by the world it is beneficial to get taken in by saints. If a thorn is driven into your foot you need another thorn to pull it out. If you are in the habit of being taken in better be taken in by saints by god. This is the way to getting past al worldly enchantments. I allowed myself to be taken in by revered Sadguru and the good that resulted there is know to al of you.’
In the evening of 15th October pujyashree arrived at Udaipur (Rajasthan) Ashram. The devotees felt blessed to receive the most precious gift in the form of pujyashree darshan and satsang, Explaining the estrogenic meaning of Bhakti pujyashree said, what is Bhakti? Bhakti is discrimination between the transient and the eternal between real and fictitious joy, the worldly happiness is factious it leads to attachment and delusion Diseases misery wretchedness slavery bondage tensions and death are traits of worldly life. Unconstraint blessfulness ever new joy and freedom are the traits of God and God devotes.
An unusual Diwali
On the occasion of Diwali there are twinkling grows of lights carjackers are burst sweetmeats are disunity gifts are given and there are festivities all around. But there are pockets where there is darkness sadness. Despair and desperation Pujya Bapuji and His sadhakas organized Bhandara and other altruistic acivites and dispelled this darkness and despair. Pujya Bapuji has gives them new inspiration land has imparted to them the technique of living a spiritual life. In localities where a few years ago owing to tradition Deepawali and New years were begun with grieving for the dead Deepawali day this year was begun with chanting of Lord holy name and the evening brought sweetmeats new clothes and gifts.
In pursuit of this undertaking Bhandara were arraigned on 13th October at Daomoh and Gora Khurd and houses were allotted at Gora Khurd.
Bhandara were also arranged at Gogunda (Rajasthan) on 16 October and at Kotada (Rajasthan) on 17 th October.
Altuism is the only Bhakti in action and it is practical Vedanta as well. Pujya Bapuji the saint versed invent and having a universal appeal who establishes the precept by His conduct and His devotees who assimilate the precept into their livers distributed food grains clothes chappals shoes sweetmeats utensils clothe for children etc. and the people were seved with a delicious meal cash gifts were also given.
This unseals Diwali that sought to propitiate the lord abiding in all animate and an inanimate object is an inspiration to all.
In the evening of 17th October the pious occasion of Deepawali people of liar (Guard) had the good fount of imbibing pujyashree satsang and His holy company.
Inspiring the people who gathered at Amdavad (Gujarat) ashram on l18 and 19th October to anvil of pujyashree darshan and satsang on the new years day to lives of noble deeds noble thoughts and altruism’s pujya Bapuji said if you are in doing good deeds free form attachment and hatred your actions and thoughts will bring salvation your life will becomes favorable for yourself and others.