Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Best Sadhana

When all is Brahman the question arises whom we should worship Nirguna Brahman (the impersonal attributeless Absolute beyond all description or designation) or sanguna Brahman (The supreme absolute conceived of as incarnation Himself as a person endowed with qualities and potencies)? Whom should we take as god lord Krishna who acted a Arjuna charioteer or the Indweller Lord abiding in all hearts?
It all depends on your perceptions and your inclinations. If you have heart like the one possessed by the cowherd boys and girls of Vrindavan you can take the Lord as that cute little child playing on the flute in the Streets of Vrindavan or take Him as the great Acharya who sung the Gita. Your mind will assume the shape of that cure little flutes playing Krishna and thoughts of the world will be driven out. Immersed in these thoughts you will become more blissful. This will turn your mind inwards and you will start experimenting Niguna Brahman as well.
Arjuna asked those devotees who ever steadfast thus worship those who worship the Imperishable and the Unmanifested and the Unmanifested which of them are better versed in Yoga.
The lord reply was those who fixing their minds on me worship Me ever steadfast and endowed with supreme faith these are the best in Yoga in my opinion.”
If you are going in bicycle a speed of 15 Km per hour is appropriate if you are going by car a speed of 60 Km per hour may be good. If you are going by air a minimum speed of 250 Km per hour is appropriate while if you are going on foot even a speed of only 5 Km per hour shall be termed maximum. If all depends on what means of conveyance you are using.
The king of mental make up, environment or wisdom that you have is sufficient. The farmer Dhanna was able to attain the Lord and so were the tribal Bhil woman sthabari and the potter Gora. Dhruva attained God realization with japa of the mantra namo bhagavate the advice bathe the Lrod (the piece of stone the pundit had givens to him as the Lord) after taking a bath yourself and take your meals offering meals to the Lord with utmost earnestness. He admonished the Lord Now who don’t your take your meal? Come on be quick now if you start copying him then it may not suit you.
Sthabari thinking was so deep that she did not feel huger thirst heart or cold of the physical world. She was so deeply absorbed in thoughts that her mind not be tuned outwards by any adversity or event or ever of attachment and aversion. This was the best means of her. But it would not benefit your if you intimae on Lord Krishna or Allah or Lord jhuleal and if you have a Sadguru if you have intellect if you are equipped with faith if you have enough religious merit to your credit contemplate, I am the Existence knowledge Bliss Absolute I am the supreme Brahman I am the supreme Bliss I am instructing in the from of disciples. Aha wonderful what a joy theses are all different forms of mine. I incarnated myself as lord Krishna I was Buddha I was lord Mahavira I am seen as all men and also as women even if this body is slain destroyed I am never destroyed becomes I exist in innumerable bodies Aha what a bliss to redeem yourself form the thoughts of the illusory the unconscious and sorrows think about your existent conscious and blissful nature and be one with the nonchalant Narayan. Destroy all the superimpositions on your actual self by the idea of Brahman and subsequently become Brahman yourself.

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