Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Laziness the Root Cause of Misfortune

Laziness is an enemy in the way of human development. To shirk any moral duty or responsibility is termed as laziness. It is such a great fault that a lazy person finds his present and future both filled with the dense darkness of miseries. A person unnecessarily suffers the loss of opportunities incurring great profits an excellent his fate. Avoiding the moral duties entrusted upon a person is what is called laziness.
The means to acquire good health metal power intellectual development and illuminating one with knowledge are easily available to a human being but the one who are lazy lead a life like that of animals and afflicted by misfortune remain deprived of these supreme benefits.
Merely because of laziness benefits. Keeps on postponing his work. The work to be done early in the morning is done when the day advances and the work to be done during day started after sunset.
As a result of the work after sunset, incomplete, it keeps on disturbing the mind at night like a heavy burden. One did not even get a send sleep because of a huge variety of dreams bothering throughout the night. A person out of laziness defers this day’s work to the next day the work of this moth to the next month of this year and as a habit postpones the work to be done in this very life to the next. As a result the he is even able to the peacefully.
Generally people make a mistake of considering laziness to be rest and keep on postponing works even when there is times and energy available. By doing this they simply devise themselves.
People who are in the habit of sleeping for long hours their mind does not remain focused while carrying out their duties and there is no perforation in their work. There is lack of concentration and are prone to forgetfulness. When a person takes more sleep then required then such sleep instead of giving ease is all the more tiring because of nightmares. Those who sleep times when one should be awake are infect the ones who become unhealthy due to remaining awake at times when they should sleep. Those who are not hardworking who do not use their body an mind getting to the ones who waste their times in state of sleep.
Laziness is the root cause of poverty and sorrows. Some students being lazy in getting up early in the morning remain weak in studies along withering deprive of the incomparable benefit of the early morning wind bestowing health and energy and the life giving beneficent rays of the rising sun. It is really unwise on part of the (conscious) man to remain asleep at dawn when even the unconscious nature seems to be alive and awake.
Once can know by asking them how the height profile, scientist wise men holding realistic view the enlightened souls and the great Kara yogis (believers in yoga of service of God) progressed towards their life goals renouncing laziness right form beginning of the day unto the night while going off to sleep. Many a times a businessman loses a hugely profitable contract out of laziness and then curses his fate; a servant or a soldier miser his chance of progress and is disgraced in the eyes of the master forever. It is sorely due to laziness that a person is unable to reach in time a very important work place and a soon as he reaches a few minute slate at the station. He sees the pain of repentance.
Laziness shameful to the body just like the rest eating up the iron. One should hence make efforts to abandon laziness by being more diligent.
Lazy person misers the great chance of saving his parents ad wife misses the chance of obtaining merits by serving her husband.
Rational and blessing knowledge who does not show laziness in showing hospitality to the unprivileged and those in a miserable condition and in serving and helping the sick person is not lazy instantly making available the etching presently required and conveying the thing again after use to the place form where it was brought who makes good resolution and once he resolve he concludes it with out being lazy is not slothful in perfuming his body and mind. Laziness is a dangerous disease. Hence one should not be lazy in abandoning laziness.

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