Monday, December 7, 2009

What Should I do?

Some people ask me what should I do. They seem to me very innocent and ignorant. Day ad nine I clearly keep giving an answer abut what to reflect and think how to meditate still they come and ask the same question.
I say Maintain equanimity at times of pleasure and sorrow. Consider the world to be illusory and the (soul) self to the be you own. Be cheerful. Do selfless service. Take a deep breath and exhale it out forcefully thought the moth. Repeat this 5-7 times. Do Mulbandha, Uddiyuabandha, and Jalandharbandha fixing the tongue on the upper palate. Do 10 pranayanmas. Chant the pious mantra Look at the photograph of God or Guru fixedly
For 10-20 minutes. Count each incoming and out going breath. Read holy incoming like ‘Ishwar Ki ore Narayan Stuthi Jivan Vikas (published by Ashram) Sri Yogaasistha Maharamayana etc. Cry dance sing or laugh in a closed room for the sake of the Lord for five minutes. If you have enough money then contribute twenty percent of less money then if anyone asks what should I do? Bring the person to me. Just show him or her this satsang cassette of Main Kya Karun? (What should I do)?
Now someone will say Baba Everything that you have said is very nice but just tell me one more thing. What should I do for my self?
What should you do for yourself? First tell me what do you actually want?’
Baba I want to get only you form you.’
If you really wish so then your devotion is complete.’
Baba but you are not easily accessible. What should I do so that you may be with me all the times.?
I am never away form you Lalu I am not confined only to this body you are seeing. If you obey all that I have told you above and practice it regularly then you will gradually come to known who I am. Then something you will meet in dreams and will also get darsan even while awake. Sometimes the question in your mind will be answered in satsang.’
Bapuji just do one thing. Whenever I want I would like to be able to meet you. Why d9o you ask for such petty things? Meet me in such a way that there may be no separation at all.”
So Baba what should I do for that.
Just leave this question itself.”
Then what should I do.?
Try to find out form within yourself, who is actually asking this question. Gaze fixedly at my photo. Be a witness to what emanates form the photo what kind of light merges form it. Went do you expertise with in you.
“Bapuji After reaching this stage what should be done?
Then read different topics like Vairagya Prakarana (section on Detachment) Utpatti Prakarana (section on stability) of Sri Yogavasistha Maharamayana and become peaceful gradually.
Then what should I do after that.?
Attend my Dhyan Yoga Shivers (Mediation Camps) sometimes.’
But my children don’t obey me what should I do My husband doesn’t listen to me what should I do ? My husband consumes alcohol what should I do.?
If you husband I san addict of alcohol then do this. Fix your eyes at the back of his for ahead and taking his name repeat this Leave alcohol Then he will certainly leave it. If you sons don’t obey you then let them do as they want. You us don’t worry and will see gradually how they start obeying you. And how does it matter if they obey you or they don’t take refuge in wisdom.
My neighbor is jealous of me. What should I do? My sister in law my relatives don’t behave with me properly they are envious of me what should I do.?
Those who envy others invite trouble for them selves only. You interact with them lovingly so that they do not create misery for them selves.’
I on my part behave lovingly but they heave like this only.”
They may be like that but deep inside them my Lord is sitting and watching my generosity. Think this and shower you generosity upon them.
But they all fool me.’
When you know that fool you. Then don’t be fooled. At the same time you your self don’t make fools of them.
Then what should I do.
Be patient everything will be alright with the flow of times.
They are jealous of me.
You should know that no situation or person is going to remain the same forever. Nothing is stable. Those people may sometimes fall sick or someday their minds may be transformed. Why worry at the current moment when they are not harming you presently.
At this point of times they may not be doing anything but may do anything anytime?
That shall be seen and taken care of when of actually do something. Still as a precautionary measure before stepping out of your house, do the japa of mantra triyambkam yajamahe sugandhim Pushtivardhanam.
This will ensure your safety.
This is fine but if suddenly some problem arises then what should I do?
Be prepared to endure misfortune and still if an extremely adverse situation arises then do the japa of this mantra while making prayer offering to the sacred fire.
This mantra will create an atmosphere which will block eternal disturbances and will nullify the obstacles.
Yet this is worth doing. Now please tell me whether. I should get my child operated as advised by the doctor.
Consult my Vaidya (ayurvedic doctor) Avoid getting operated as far as possible. If the Vaidya says yes. only then get operated.
But my eyes have this problem. What should I do mow.
If you have any problem in your eyes then rub palms against each other and place then on you closed eyespot Netra Bindu eye drops in them.
If I face inconvenience in any organ of the body then can this formula be applied there also?