Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cow Products: Significance and Benefits

We India traditionally consider native cow as our mother. Cow mother is the manifestation of earth, nature and God. According to Ayurveda cow products are meant for the well being of human beings. The cow dung is the adobe of goddess lakshmi and the cow urine is as Ganges water. Cow as Ganges water. Cow is the unique boon to human beings gives by nature. Cow milk curd ghee butter and buttermilk are the treasure of nectar. Due to this reason cow mother is gratefully worshipped in every home worshipped in every home of India. The cow dung and cow’s urine make the earth fertile purify the water and air. Cow is the only divine animal in whose spinal cord suryaketu nadi (never) exists which becomes active in the sun light. That is nadi is activated it remain in sun. When the nadi is activated it secretes a yellow colored matter which is called swarnakshar. That makes cow milk butter and ghee appear golden hued.
Cow milk is the nectar of earth. In the naturopathy cow fresh milk is praised a lot an is considered the complete food.Acharya Sushaurut has considered cow milk as life give and Acharya Charka has claimed it to be that best Ramayana (things that prevent aging and promote longevity) because cow milk is the only food which is rich in proteins, arbitrates sugar minerals vitamins and all the mutants required for the human body. Cow milk works as a Ramayana. Compared to any other animal milk it is light an dives an instant boost of energy. It controls the body heart supports the juices of body stimulates the digestive fire relieves the fatigue destroys the bacteria of tuberculosis and cancer and detoxifies the body. Drinking the cow fresh milk in the morning gives energy. Mixed with ghee it improves the brain power. It not of holes teen or hybrid cows.
If you want you children to have stung well built and beautiful body to gain weight and height to be highly intelligent and scholar then given them regularly cow milk and butter. Every one should drink at least 275 grams of cow’s milk everyday. The body is nourished by drinking cow’s milk mixed with one spoonful of cow’s ghee. Drinking hot milk destroys kappa and cold milk destroys pita in the body. Cow milk lowers the heat the body and helps in digestion. One should never take milk with the fruits. Milk is beneficial for everybody.
The milk of a black cow destroys the three Doshas and is the best. Russian scientist Shirovich has said Cow milk has the greatest power to protect form atomic radiation.
To rejuvenate the body the milk therapy is used. In it milk I the only food taken by which heart spleen and liver start to function properly. In foreign countries milk dairies are redeveloped where as in our country cows are being sold and buffalos are bought. Drinking their milk the new generation is becoming lazy and dumb.
Ramsukhdasji Maharaj has said Taking out by giving acrogenic injections to the cow’s is like killing the cow and such milk is comparable to blood, drinking which the intellect spilt and the same is being done in your country today. The government should ban such injection

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