Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Wonderful Mantra

Four contemporary saints, Hathi Baba, Justify FullHari Baba Uriya Baba and Anadmayi Maa lived in Vrindavan. Hari Baba was asked, what was it that made you a great saint you are’?
Hari Baba said, during childhood when we used to play a sadhu used to join us after fetching alms. He was usually followed by a dog which was given a share of the collected alms. One day he did not give any morsed to the dog. He hung has bag on a tree and started playing with us. The dog was looking at the bag expectantly wagging his tail in anticipation. Baba addressed the dog Go and fetch your own alms today; what I have collected is not sufficient even for me.’
The dog didn’t seems to agree and kept on standing.Baba repeated Go why don’t you leave? Why are you wagging you tail? Baba repeated the same three to four times. But the dog would not go . Then Baba said with spiritual force. Walk backwards to where you came form.”
To our surprise the dog started walking backwards we were flabbergasted. Stopping the play all of us fell at Baba feet an enquired what is the mantra you have that made the dog retreat backwards.’
Baba responded my son It is very easy mantra. All in one and on in all.
Let this mantra be assimilated by you.’
Form that day I become a sadhu.
If established in That you make a resolve even a corpse would come to life.’
According to me the power of your self God is so amazing your mind is equipped with such a power of pure consciousness that you can make the God manifest in a form make him a friend of yours, convert the vilest of men into a good one and you can make the gods manifest. Even I god is present or absent in his abode; you can create a god of you choice. You can get a desired boon form that god. Such is the power inherent in your consciousness.
If that god does exist it will come an in case he doesn’t exist your self God will create that god and get your boon fulfilled thought him. Such are the powers hidden within you.
None is poor. Everyone has the gem of God within: the foolish ritual does not open the inner treasure. Engaged in ltituals he remains destitute.’
Saints who are establish in the Truth One in all and all on heave such immense power with in that theists and atheists bow to them alike. What to speak of dogs, liven gods get and demons how to their wishes. And the Supreme Lord Himself takes care to make the words uttered by them come true.
All kind of Yogic powers and riches, gods and goddesses all demi gods beings of demoniacal nature rakshasa, auras; all love the Brahmanishtha, self realized great men and obey their commands.