Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy In this world and Also in The next …..

I had my job in the media industry. In 2001, the media suffered a great recession and as a result a situation came when there was sitety of even my mouthy income. I was totally helpless.
In the year 2002 Pujya Bapuji satsang was help in kolkata. I had simply gone for a stroll when I reached the satsang place. There I got the benefit of Bapuji darshan and satsang for the first times and very next day I also got initiated by him.
Mantra Diksha brought about a radical change I my life. I performed anushthana of 40 days. I didn’t use to brae any king of incense in the room where I was performing the anushtana and simply used to meditate on Bapuji while doing japa. On the third day or so I could smell the fragrance of sandalwood and incense in my room. I came out of my room to find out whether somebody had used these outside but to my surprise there was no one. Only my mother and I could smell that fragrance and no one else. My is also intimated by Pujya Bapuji.
During the anathema, I had resolved to recite 108 Sri Asaramauana this resolution was still awaiting to be completed when I suddenly received an interview letter form the Bajaj Company. I had not even applied for job in that company. I thereafter got a job of an income of 6 lakhs in the same company. Since that time onwards, I kept on marching ahead every year.
Today, I work in Reliance life Insurance, Kolkata. My income which was zero six years back is now above 40 lakhs. The bliss and right that I obtained after getting Diksha form Bapuji was unprecedented.
Rajiv singh Bhadaauriya Kolkata.
Diksha Bestowed eye sight
My name is Lavakush Chauhan. I was initiated by Bapuji in the year 1997. My son, when he reached the age of 2 years, suddenly lost his eye sight almost completely. The doctors advised for operation. Even after surgical operation. Even after surgical operation there was no improvement in his eye sight. For the next three fout years the child could barely see anything. In June 2009 when Bapuji visited Lucknow, I got my son intimated by Him. After receiving Diksha he miraculously started seeing clearly.
Earlier he was not even able to recognize a person standing only at a distance of five feet while it a wonder that now he can clearly se the moon.
Now the child can easily read and write. If a person keeps implicit faith in the words of such great satguru like Bapuji, getting the external eye sight is but a trivial thing, he even gets the eyes of Knowledge opened. My countless saltions to such a gracious Gurudev.
-Lavakush Chauhan, Lucknow,
Mod 09450395326.
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Wonderful articles! appreciate for sharing your understanding with us! Hope to read more from you!
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