Thursday, December 24, 2009

Trupti Pranayama

Inhaling fully and without stopping the breath inside, exhaling it out fully is termed a Trupti (satiating) Pranayama. Chyawn Rishi discovered this pranayama. A person feels satiated and relived of all tensions by repeating this pranayama 20-25 times. It can be practiced even when there is no worry or tension.
Sit in padmasana, siddhasan or sukasana.
While breathing imagine that you are inhaling bliss, peace and freedom form anxiety and while exhaling thought the mouth feel as if you are exhaling the tensions worries dejections and disappointments. While breathing in and out continue doing the japa of your Guru mantra of Lord name mentally.
Caution: Don’t practice it just after meals.
Qualified Measures For Silky hair
The hair becomes silky by rubbing the extract of cows urine over it. The hair’s softness in maintained only for a few days by putting medicine containing chemicals, but later on it side effects can be seen clearly. The cow’s urine also cleans away the live form the hair. It is a very effective measure.
Yuva Sewa Sangh for the Youths
Inspired by param pujya Sant Sri Asaramji Bapuji
Infinite numbers of people have made marvelous progress in their livers made marvelous progress in their lives by coming in the holly company pujya Bapuji. Under the pious guidance of pujya Bapuji, who has thought different philanthropic activities greatly hastened the social development the foundation stone of the yova Seva Sangh has been laid.
This Sangh has been organized for the all round development of the young generation. It auspicious inauguration and establishment was done by pujya Bapuji himself on 20 of Septembers 2009 i.e. on the pious occasion Bapuji 45th self realization day.
During the programme thoughts of youngsters took membership of Yuva Seva Sangh and the process’s is still continuing in all the satsang programmers of pujyashree.
All those who are interested in taking benefits of Bapuji’s divine spiritual guidance should most certainly get the membership of this Sangh. The age limit for members is 16- 35 years.
According to the Yuva Seva Sangh Guideline the Yuva Seva Sangh is being around the country. All the interested youths initiated by pujya Bapuji should participate in this mission and organize ‘Yuva Seva Sangh branches inthier localities.
For more informing please contact: Head office of Yuva Sean Sangh Akhil bhartiya
Sant Sri Asaramji Ashram, Amdavad-5
Phone: (079) 27505010-11.

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